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3571 Topic: SBW is having sleepless nights

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SBW is having sleepless nights
January 31, 2013, 12:06:52


Sonny Bill Williams (Gallo Images)

Sydney - Sonny Bill Williams has admitted to having sleepless nights ahead of his fight against Francois Botha scheduled for Friday, February 8 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Williams, currently playing in Japan before he joins the Sydney Roosters in the National Rugby League (NRL) next season, believes he will have to "up his game" against the former heavyweight champion, nicknamed the ‘White Buffalo’, despite the 44-year-old South African being in the twilight of his career.

Williams admitted Botha posed a serious challenge to his fledgling boxing career.

Sometimes, I won’t lie, I lie awake at night, have restless nights. But the majority of the time I’m just concentrating on what I’m doing. Tonight I’m boxing, tomorrow I’m boxing, but next week I’m playing footie...”

Williams said he was carrying a few niggles and injury worries into the bout.

“As soon as the fight is over we’ll assess where things are with the shoulder, with the (pectoral injury).”

Williams is set to join up with the Sydney Roosters for pre-season training and his team will be hoping to avoid an injury to their star signing ahead of their NRL season.

“The boys know that I’m a professional off the field, what I can bring, and what I offer,” Williams said.

Williams said he was excited to face a boxer who had stepped into the same ring with Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and Wladimir Klitschko.

You know it’s just a privilege to fight someone who’s been in the ring with some of those guys, I’m pretty excited, but definitely nervous at the same time,” Williams confessed.

Well lets hope sbw is not seriously hurt and gets back to doing what he does best and that is playing rugby. His only hope is that Botha is too far over the hill


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RE: SBW is having sleepless nights
January 31, 2013, 13:13:31

SBW boxes like a girl, I am sure the past it Botha will clobber him


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RE: SBW is having sleepless nights
January 31, 2013, 13:19:44

Botha's going to take a dive. It's the only scenario that makes any sense.


The has-been boxer gets one last big payday while the pretend-boxer enhances his ring "credibility" without getting his face rearranged. 


I'm predicting that Botha will be "KOd" before the end of the 5th.


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RE: SBW is having sleepless nights
January 31, 2013, 13:22:56

rooitwit Botha has said he sees this as a stepping stone to a big payday fight.

Who knows with these things.

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