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3558 Topic: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013

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SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 06:40:04

Started listing the teams that won't be playing each other this year but the list is still incomplete.

Similarly to last year the Chiefs miss playing arguably one of the top SA sides namely the Bulls . Just as well for them i guess. Although we will have had time to play the Highlanders three times before the end of March. Strange but true..

Would have also liked to see the Crusaders playing the Reds in 2013 but alas... . Interesting too how the Reds have 3 byes in a row in rounds 17 18 and 19. Thats a break and a half . Long time to be twiddling yr thumbs just before the finals.


Teams that won't meet each other in 2013:

Chiefs -  Bulls / Brumbies


Hurricanes -  Sharks / Rebels


Crusaders - Cheetahs /  Reds


Sharks -        Hurricanes  / Warratahs


Stormers -    Highlanders /  Force


Reds -           Crusaders / Kings


Highlanders - Stormers / Warratahs


Blues -            Kings /  Force



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RE: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 07:25:15


Thanks for starting this thread.   Just a few comments about what you wrote.  Firstly I think the reason why the Aussie teams have a longer break as normal relates to the Lions tour of Australia in June - that requires a four week break and not a three week one in June 2013.   That is also why th Aussie teams start a week earlier in the compeition.

I cnnot understand why you say the Chiefs will play the Hurricanes three times - that just is not possible insofar as my reading of the rules are concerne.   Maye there is some other game thrown in that would not really be a series compeition game.

And doom and gloom is going to effect all Chief supporters.   The Chiefs did not play against the Syormers last year and will have to meet disaster at Newlands early in Aptil 2013, - may early synpathies to all of  you                                                                                                 






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RE: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 08:02:17

Thanks for the good laughs notso clevermike. But its not the Hurricanes we play three times. It's the Highlanders in Round 2 and 6 plus a preseason game on Saturday.

To think we lost to them this time last year as well and lost three or four players to injury also only to go on and win the whole competition was a great feat, Only something the Mighty Chiefs could have done. 

Looking forward to the Stormer game though as well. Bean Brain will probably be kakking his daks.

 We play the Cheetahs first and also the Kings on our tour in March so you can break out yr Chiefs jersey anytime now but only if you want to look cool or fashionably chic with an attitude.



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RE: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 09:41:49


Sorry abou the Chiefs -Highlanders game mix up.  The Chiefs are lucky - they are playing the Highlander geriatrics - without Hall - this weekend.   It is unlikely that we would see the gme in SA - so can you please put an UNBIASED rwport on aite for our benefit.


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RE: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 09:56:42

 Gota feel for the Blues. They miss out on the Kings and Force. That sounds like 10 log points missed out on.

I see Kirwan is adapting his approach to the team but do the Blues realistically have a chance of any higher than middle of the table??

sasuke uchiha

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RE: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 16:37:49


i dont see why australai should be given extra special treatment cos the lions are in town, both NZ and SA have 3 test matches as well, and while the calibre of the Boks opponents is not the same as the wallabies or the All Blacks, its still a test match.


also im not too sure it is all doom and gloom for the chiefs when the play the stormers, stormers couldnt beat the chiefs in 2011 when they were NZs wooden spooners.
the absence of SBW is going to come in very handy for the chiefs, cos the saffas still dont know just how deadly the dave rennie/wayne smith combo really is.


sasuke uchiha

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RE: SuperXV whats not happening in 2013
January 30, 2013, 16:52:19


im expecting more of the smae from the blues in 2013, especially as the squad jk has opted for indicates they have sacrafised short term success for long term strength.

but still, when i was picking the best team IMO from their squad, i was very surprised to see that is was a lot stronegr than i first thought,,,,

1 t mccartney
2 k mealamu
3 c faumuina
4 a borric
5 a williams
6 s luatua
7 l braid
8 p saili
9 p weepu
10 kerr/noakes
11 r ranger
12 j williosn
13 f saili
14 f halai
15 c piutau

16 q mcdonald, 17 a taavao, 18 l moli, 19 k barret, 20 b hall, 21 noakes/kerr, 22 m mackenzie


4 current All Blacks, 2 former All Blacks a host of ITM stars and players who whave played good spXV rugby like f saili, c piutau, j wilison.

they asl have NZ7s star frank hala, super quick and strong and his style plus piutau are going to be wuite lethal.

blues seeason is really going to depend on how well they do early on and if they can gather momentum to aid their confidence, otherwise,,,,,,,
they should do really well agaiunst the other confercne teams though, and i wouldnt be surprised to see them scalp the hurricane s and highlanders if the latter two arent careful, but hard to see them taking out the comps top dogs.
pretty BS how they miss out on force and the kings, but NZ knows this conference is as much about helping the OZ teams as it isnegating the NZ superiority, lolz :oP

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