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3552 Topic: All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
sasuke uchiha

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All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
January 29, 2013, 19:04:15

All Blacks 'destroyer' Tuilagi ruled out for England

Manu Tuilagi - Getty Images



The Leicester Tigers centre is making good progress recovering from an ankle strain but will not be able to do multi-directional running – preventing the 21-year-old from taking part in full training – until the end of the week.

The Samoan born centre was instrumental in England's famous win over the All Blacks last year, scoring a crucial try and playing a significant role in two others.

It was a strange sight, seeing the All Blacks, in many respects the pioneers of the new modern monster centre, come up against a similar beast as Tuilagi announced himself on the rugby world.

In England, some corners have tagged him simply as the 'Destroyer'.

After confirming he expects Tuilagi to train at the start of next week and be in contention for the trip to face Ireland in Dublin on February 10, the England Head Coach said: “We’ve got lots of options- we could bring JJ [Jonathan Joseph] in, play Billy [Twelvetrees] at 12 or Floody can play there – so there are plenty of things to consider.

“But the reality is we’ve got to nail it down over the next 24-48 hours to give the team a fair chance to train together and prepare together to win.

“We recognise the challenge that is coming round the corner with Scotland; the quality of their players, the physicality and size of that challenge. But the focus is on us, with the next two days of training becoming very important.”

Tuilagi was a star performer during last autumn’s QBE Internationals, scoring four tries in four games and blitzing the New Zealand defence with two assists and a try during the second half of the record victory.

The outside centre memorably swatted aside Aaron Smith and Dan Carter en route to laying on Chris Ashton’s try and while Lancaster admits his absence is a blow, he says brute force is not the only way to get over the gain line.

“Getting across the gain line is an important part of modern rugby, but there are all sorts of ways to do it,” he said.

“You can go route one, and there are other players in our side who can do that, but equally there are other ways as well. Manu being out does change things a bit but as a coaching team and a playing group, we’ve lost players in the past who were deemed irreplaceable but we’ve managed to move on and give other players opportunities. We’ll devise different ways of achieving the same thing."

Lancaster and his coaching team face tough selection calls all over the pitch, with established stars such as full back Ben Foden and hooker Dylan Hartley pushing for inclusion despite the strong performances of their respective replacements, Alex Goode and Tom Youngs, in the recent series.

Lancaster says there is a balance to strike between rewarding those in possession of the shirt and recalling those with credit in the bank from years of performing at a consistently high level for their country.

A classic example is four-cap Tom Youngs, who debuted this autumn, up against 42-cap Hartley, who led the side on his last appearance for England in Port Elizabeth. “The better strength in depth you have the more you can push players and no one becomes complacent,” added Lancaster. “I don’t think there is any player sat at the moment that thinks they’ve got the shirt nailed on for the foreseeable future.

“There is never one criteria we select the team on. You wouldn’t say we’ve got to pick the same team we picked against New Zealand. What’s happened between then and now is important, how much credit the player has in the bank, what we think they can add to the side, what they can add off the bench.

“The reality is Saturday’s game will be won and lost in the last 20 minutes. It’s going to be tight, as we know games with Scotland have an average of four points over the last four years."



sasuke uchiha

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RE: All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
January 29, 2013, 19:13:42

huge loss for england. they have the home advantage though and that should see them over the finishing line, but england without m[removed]amoa tuilagi is a whole diffferent kettle of fish from england with m[removed]amoa tuilagi.


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RE: All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
January 30, 2013, 00:23:48

Sasu.. seeing Dan Carter is so easily swatted aside Hansen should be starting Aaron Cruden this year as the No 1 AB standoff as i'm sure you'd agree but  i don't think those Canterbury tinged glasses of his will be coming off until we've had a few more losses- perish the thought . Hansen learning the hard way.

sasuke uchiha

Status: Rugby Legend
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RE: All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
January 30, 2013, 00:53:25


before i forget i just want to say how much of a crack up i find ur avatarm especially when ur yanking the chains of the locals.

and that is the second comment in as many days that ive read about steve hansens crusader tinted lens. do u by chance blog anywhere else???

ive got no problems with either carter or cruden starting for the flyhal position, but i like the way its been handled at the moment.
crudens chances in the No10 IMO were a mixed bag of treats, especially during the IRC when carter was injured for the home puma and Bok tests.
once carter was back on the scene though, we sent both the pumas and the Boks to the slaughter house and did it in their own backyard and di it with a bit of ease which could be attributed to carters ability to run a backline???
cruden will come right though, slow and steady wins the race or something like that.

the england test was serious sore thumbtack in the ass, but one loss in a season to a team who hasnt beaten us in 10 years dosent constitue a changing of the guard.
IMO that loss to england was just one of those things which proves the All Blacks are not  a bunch of demigods and can be brought down. in saying that, thinking that eng have laid the foundation to an unstoppable plan in beating the All Blacks from now on is just plain laughable.
carter will come right by then, but cruden in the mean time will continue to excell and grow into somethg quite special if ur an All Black fan and annnoying if ur not, :oP

i will say im eagerly awaiting the england rematch on the EOYT. normally its the Boks who i cant wait to play, but this time round i want the blood of an englishman, even if he is born in samoa, NZ or south africa, lolz.


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RE: All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
January 30, 2013, 13:20:33

I can't think of many people who refer to this player as " the destroyer " over here !! How ridiculous.

Yes, we are losing a player who can SOMETIMES make a break and score tries or can SOMETIMES put in the big tackles that stop others in their tracks. BUT he lacks consistency and general creativity.

All it means is we have a re-shuffle yet again and maybe even throw a more creative player into the midfield. Until we know who is selected, we don't know how to comment.

sasuke uchiha

Status: Rugby Legend
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RE: All Blacks "destroyer" manusamoa tuilagi ruled out for england,,,
January 30, 2013, 16:26:07



i get the distinct feeling that the term destroyer was in refernce to his awesome performance against my boys the All Blacks. maybe a little journalistic exaggeration contribuited to the destroyer tag in english corners, prob some relative of there "beeno" brains, :oP

 lancaster seems to have a different opinon to urs on m[removed]amoa tuilagi, but each to their own.

if u could pick ur strongest england team, who would be getting ur 15 red roses, :oP

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