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3548 Topic: The Puke Watson Wrap for January2013

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The Puke Watson Wrap for January2013
January 29, 2013, 15:46:25



Come clean, Luke!

2013-01-29 13:57

Riaan is an Afrikaans sports fan, but he was not as offended by Luke Watson's 'Dutchmen' slur as the puking on the Bok jersey.


Luke is a disgrace!

2013-01-28 15:09

Dave says Luke Watson should not even be allowed to talk about the Springboks, let alone play for them ever again.



Luke is Cheeky's pawn

2013-01-29 13:47

Luke Watson is not a bad player, but the problem is that he has been indoctrinated by his father's propaganda,Heather says.


A snowball's chance in hell

2013-01-29 10:01

Thelma says Luke Watson's chance of playing for the Boks is slim. He has neither the ability nor the mentality, 



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RE: The Puke Watson Wrap for January2013
January 29, 2013, 15:48:23

 The Watsons have allready declared that the Media has created a Smear Campaign on the Kings and using the dislike of Luke to further this agenda.

One thing for sure, Luke is going to get allot of media attention over the course of the Super XV


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RE: The Puke Watson Wrap for January2013
January 29, 2013, 16:00:41


I blow hot and cold insofar as Luke Watson is concerned.   I think that rugby is a team game more than anything else and Luke  had some real player-related and PT problems.  He left the Sharks prematurely - because of some problems he had with John Smit and his family,   He left the Stormers because they changed the captaincy and made Burger the captain - and he was obviously bitter about it.

In between there was the puke comments on the Sringbok jersey and that was followed by his Duthman comments - a slur apparently always used by his father - resulting in him using the same not realising the consequences.

Watson is a decent loosie - but whether he is better than the other loosies at present n the Springbok squad is indeed questionable.    The main question is - even if he is better - would he fit into the team scenario.   Apparently he regrets his comments very much - but  a   question mark remains - will his teammates forgive him that easily?   Rugby is very competitive and they would use any potential problems to the maximum - so that remains as another problem insofar as further progress in his rugby-playing career is concerned.  .  


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RE: The Puke Watson Wrap for January2013
January 29, 2013, 16:10:48

Luke Watson demanded all WP/Stormers action revolve around him. He got the ball first from the rucks and then it went to the backline. That slowing of play was a handicap throughout that period. When he was snot klapped in open field by Hollenbach, AJ Venter and others,  he just stopped making open field tackles......padding his tackling stats by making soft little tackles around the fringes.


When he tried to push Rodney So'oialo back in the maul....he was picked up and tossed over the goal line. He incurred a rare moment of Matfield wrath , by trying to catch the ball Matfield called, instead of supporting Matfield's jump. He couldn't even front up physically against the Bargies.....let alone New Zealand.


Feel sorry for the Kings with this empty suit as the pivotal player.


RooiAAAS and Dumpy Dave claimed he was better than Schalk. And RooiAAS even went so far as wanting him for Bok captain, because he could speak better English than John Smit. I kid you not.

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