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3414 Topic: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
sasuke uchiha

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SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 16, 2013, 19:43:33

SANZAR reveals draw for The Investec Rugby Championship 2013

The Investec Rugby Championship win - Getty Images



That same day the Springboks will host the Pumas at Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein.

The Pumas will replicate the 2012 draw for their home matches and the Pumas will play their first home match of The Rugby Championship in Round Two against the Springboks at the Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza on Saturday 24 August, with the All Blacks hosting the Wallabies at Westpac Stadium in Wellington the same day.

Test matches in Brisbane, Hamilton, Perth, Auckland, Cape Town and La Plata will follow during The Rugby Championship in 2013.

The final round will be played in Johannesburg between the Springboks and the All Blacks at Coca-Cola Park Stadium, while the Pumas will host the final match of the Championship by hosting the Wallabies at Estadio Gigante de Arroyito, in Rosario.

The two travel byes will take place on Saturday 31 August and Saturday 21 September respectively.

SANZAR CEO Greg Peters said it was exciting to release the draw for The Rugby Championship as Test rugby closed out for the year.

“In 2012 we saw The Rugby Championship played for the first time, welcoming the Pumas into the fold alongside the original Tri-Nations teams, which saw the All Blacks claim inaugural success with an
unbeaten charge to the title,” Peters said.

“The Rugby Championship will again feature the best teams in the world. With the recent End of Year Tests yielding 10 victories for our competing rugby nations."

"The Pumas claimed a historic win in Cardiff against Six Nations champions Wales, the Springboks went through Europe unbeaten, while the All Blacks and Wallabies won three of their four Tests.”

Mr Peters said that the new dimension that Argentina brought to The Rugby Championship was evident with the fan response through the six rounds.

“A total of over 16 million viewers tuned into the twelve Tests of The Rugby Championship and an average of 44,000 attended the matches, which saw stadiums at 91% capacity, with the 88,739 crowd that saw the All Blacks come back from a half time deficit to defeat the Springboks 32-16 at FNB Stadium in Soweto the most attended match of the season,” Peters said.

"The first round of action, with the Wallabies playing the All Blacks in Sydney, and the Springboks hosting the Pumas in Bloemfontein, will have added spice considering the last time each of these two
nations played – the result was an 18-18 and 16-16 draw respectively.”

"We are also pleased to announce that the format for 2013 will be consistent with the recent season to enable Unions and fans to have certainty on which weekends matches will be played in their territories.

Full kick off times will be confirmed at a later date by SANZAR, as will all other particulars involving The Rugby Championship in 2013.


Round Date Game Venue
Round 1 17-Aug-2013 Australia Vs New Zealand ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia
Round 1 17-Aug-2013 South Africa Vs Argentina Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Round 2 24-Aug-2013 New Zealand Vs Australia Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand
Round 2 24-Aug-2013 Argentina Vs South Africa Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza, Argentina
Round 3 7-Sep-2013 New Zealand Vs Argentina Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, New Zealand
Round 3 7-Sep-2013 Australia Vs South Africa Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Australia
Round 4 14-Sep-2013 New Zealand Vs South Africa Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Round 4 14-Sep-2013 Australia Vs Argentina Subiaco Oval, Perth, Australia
Round 5 28-Sep-2013 South Africa Vs Australia Newlands Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa
Round 5 28-Sep-2013 Argentina Vs New Zealand Estadio Ciudad de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina
Round 6 5-Oct-2013 South Africa Vs New Zealand Coca-Cola Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Round 6 5-Oct-2013 Argentina Vs Australia Estadio Gigante de Arroyito, Rosario, Argentina


sasuke uchiha

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RE: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 16, 2013, 19:44:29

IMO there is a little room for a bit of a mix up, wallabies could have travelled to argentina first & the All Blacks could have travelled to SA first instead of mirroring the porder of 2012, i just beleive the All Blacks are fresher the first week away then they are the on the 2nd week, but the sowetto test should lay any concerns to rest, cos that was a nice whipping, :oP

very smart move from SARU to host the ABs away from sowetto and back into the lions den of ellis park, ABs have only won three of their 11 tests against the Boks there and sowetto is pretty much another home ground now for the All Blacks who have expsoed the Boks inability to play on the big stage, -_o

Boks have never been IMO the wekaer of the three SANZAR teams when it comes to world wide rugby travel and i cant see this changing much again in 2013, they "SHOULD" beat the pumas this time round but playing the wallabies in brizzy and the All Blacks at eden park, jeebers, thats as tough a road travel as u can get.

im expecting pretty much the same result as 2012 this year, the All Blacks to go undefeated in 2013 IRC on the way to a second title and the Boks and wallabies to fight for 2nd and 3rd.
we should all be very grateful that the pumas are playing, cos that means we dont ever have to worry about the wooden spoon, and of course by we im talking about our SANZAR borthers, :oP


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RE: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 16, 2013, 20:08:26

 I would expect the boks to play better this year.

Meyer will be more settled and have established who his first choice players are.

Last year he started with too many Bulls players like Werner Kruger, Morne Steyn(long since lost what form he did have), Dean Greyling, Donkie Potgieter and co. 

The boks forwards and defence got stronger as the year progressed. The backs are still a problem, but against Australia Goosen was cutting the Australian backline to shreds. Given the boks have the best 2 wingers in the World, if our backline is sorted out I would imagine that we shall win 1 or 2 games overseas in Australia/New Zealand.

Australia is also going to be much better this year than last year as they were even more decimated by injuries than the boks. Australia have a more powerful pack than the powder puff All Black light five.

The All Blacks are aging as is Mccaw and Carter. It was experience that got the All Blacks through in their tighter games, but teams are working them out. Dominate the advantage line and protect the ball at rucks from being slowed down by the All Black forwards and the All Blacks are under pressure. The All Black midget light 5 can be dominated with relative ease, as long as the ball is recycled quickly and cleanly. This means that the all black forwards are not lying on the ball, lying in offside positions, playing the ball on the floor etc.

England proved that the All Blacks forwards are not good, but it is the backs passing skills which create tries. I expect the All Blacks to take a few losses this year. The may still win the Tournament, but it is not going to be like last year as the Wallabies and Boks will be much stronger.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 16, 2013, 20:28:02


"if our backline is sorted out I would imagine that we shall win 1 or 2 games overseas in Australia/New Zealand."

love the free thinking and im surprised at how radical ur imagination can be given that in the professional era the Boks have only won 3 tests from 18 against the wallabies in OZ and 3 test from 19 against the All Blacks.
and now ur facing the wallabies in brisbane which is the wallabies house of pain a place the Boks have never won and against the All Blacks at eden park in NZ, where the Boks last tasted victory in 1937??? dreams like speeches are beautiful for the freedom in which they are both expressed and xan be devoid of logic, -_o

also, the All Blacks have the two best wingers in the world, savea and jane. watch the pumas vs Boks test in mendoza, the sowetto test, the Boks thrid test against eng and tell me how is habana one of the best wingers in the world??? to say nothing of the lenghty holiday that both he and jp had due to the cae of fragilie syndrome,,,,lolz,,,just kidding. i rate both habana and jp, but jane and savea are the best wingers in the world.

ps, please thanks habana for aaron smiths try in sowetto, it made me feel better for his forward pass try that he had scored earlier on, :oP


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RE: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 16, 2013, 22:31:00

 I am pretty certain that the All Blacks will get beaten by Australia and also the boks.

This means that if either the boks or OZ do not lose 2 games they will win the 4Nations. 

Carol Jane is a smart player, but he does not have the allround games of Habana and Pieterson. Savea is just another Lomu imposter, big strong and fast but not really a great ball player. Put Savea under pressure on defence and I doubt he is a great defender. 

Australias took a real thrashing against the boks last year in SA, they were much more competive against the All blacks in NZ. The backline started to gel in this game with Goosen running the show at 10. It was a pity he went into the All Blacks game injured. 

It is just about our forwards exerting the dominance that we have, and then our backs clicking and not letting in soft tries and we can win

sasuke uchiha

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RE: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 17, 2013, 20:18:22


if the wallabies are fully fit, i have no shame in saying they scare the living [removed] out of me. IMHO their strongest 22 is equal to the a fully fit All Blacks team. they are the only team who i wouldnt be sure of an All Blacks victory.
where i do give the All Blacks a dignificant edge over the wallabies is the depth department, but injruies and forced selections of the wallabies in 2012 will hold them in good steed for the future and help buffer what is usually a very big weakness for the boys in yellow.

sorry but the Boks have zero chance of beating the All blacks at eden park, 76 years is a long time between drinks and thats exactly how long its been since the Boks last won there. for some reason when that immaculate record finally breaks, i get the feeling its going to be at the hands of our ANZAC brothers.
like i said, the Boks are a very poor travelling team, the worst out of all SANZAR teams IMO.


yes the wallabies took a real thrashing at the hands of the Boks in loftus, but did u see that wallabies team and the players they were missing??? o_O
d po[removed], w genia, q cooper, w palu, s timani, j horwill, j oconner, d mitchel, s moore, s higginbotham, s kepu. thats 11 of the wallabies starting 15 not playing due to a horrific injury run, as well as injuries duriing the game to maccabe in the first 10mins and AAC before halftime that saw another two key players gone.
so that thrashing in context leaves me very unimpressed, but i am use to folks here beating their chest cos of a false sense of accomplishment from a Boks win. take a look at the dunedin test and the so called domainance there, i dont recall one single Bok supporter saying the Boks would not lose to the All Blacks in sowetto, and we all know what happened there, i just hope the All Blacks imprint of the back of their hand is no longer on the Boks faces, lolz, :oP

its also why this comment of urs, "the wallabies were more competitve against the All Blacks in NZ"  has me going WTF??? O,o
we kept them wallabies scoreless for our second clean sheet of the season and we did it while they had a much stronger team which included genia, cooper, hiiginbotham, timani, mitchell, moore, all players missing from loftus, food for thought aye??? :o)

was goosen really injured heading into the All Blacks game??? cos meyer and goosen himself both siad before the match that he was fit and raring to go, so i might take their word over urs and beg to differ, -_o
IMO goosens body is not ready for the big stage yet, maybe some more banned substances to help get thorugh the rigours of top level professional rugby??? o_-

dont know where people are getting this savea is another lomu imposter, cos the differences in physique and game style is amazingly different when u get down to it.
each to their own when it comes to who are the better wingers, but i do love the skilful but obvious sidestep of my question about habanas whereabouts during those games i mentioned, i just hope u remebered to thank him for aaron smiths try, LMAO, :oP
i still rate both jp and habana, but i rate savea and jane more is all, :o)


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RE: SANZAR reveals the draw for the investec rugby championship 2013,,,
January 18, 2013, 13:48:59

Sharkbok, the constant bagging of the AB tight 5 by SA fans is hypocritical especially when comparing 2012 win/loss records of the AB's, Bok, Australia and Argentina. Bok fans harp back to the England loss as justifing their "beliefs" yet conveniently ignore the spanking the AB's gave the Boks on their home turf, or the Dunedin loss and the loss to the Wallabies not to mention the draw with Argentina which may as well as been a loss. Yes the AB's don't have the best pack in the world but they have an effective pack which they have won 11 tests with in 2012. Your "forward dominance" approach is exactly why you guys don't win consistently against the AB's the stats speak for themselves but bok fans always have this "well we lost last season because...(insert excuses)...but this season our forwards will dominate and  our backs will come right" fortune teller mentality.  Maybe Carlos Spencer is the rugby messiah the Boks are looking that's ironic deride the AB's but use kiwi expertise to try and beat them.

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