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3382 Topic: World Cricket Ranking

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World Cricket Ranking
January 11, 2013, 19:18:53

Do the cricket lovers in SA appreciate that their teams are rated very high in World Cricket/ and encourage the teams to keep up the good work?   Certainly we all do - but the same cannot be saif of Cricket SA,

They called in Hudson and gave him hell - because after the injury toBoucher Tsolekile was not in the tam to replace Boucher.   Nevr mind the fact that Tsolekile cannot bat to save his life - whicjh in effect means that we would have had to go into the test with one less batter.   That could have costed us dearly 0 but that is no problem for Cricket SA.

The body is a disgrace - but nothing seems to be possible to remove the politcos from creating havoc.  


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RE: World Cricket Ranking
January 12, 2013, 20:26:36

 Mike you even get racist idiots calling for Thami's inclusion. Its totally pathetic. They know nothing about the game and their only concern is colour.


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RE: World Cricket Ranking
January 14, 2013, 08:15:32

Mike, in reality they don't have any scrapes with Hudson...They need to keep up appearances to make certain people happy. Don't blame this on them. Hudson is sticking to his guns, as well as Thami. Thami sticks to the fact that he knew where he stood with Gary and the selectors. It's just the forces from the outside pushing in.

As my mother used to say: Die hoogste bome vang die meeste wind.

Don't get worked up by this really other forces are putting preasuer and they are just playing along trying to get what they want without apearing to ignore the other forces.

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