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3364 Topic: The Board farce

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The Board farce
January 10, 2013, 05:12:06

I got up on this morning hoping to see some rugby comments and found the top 3 threads dealing with accusations and counter-accusation about lieing by members and an innoxious item on New Zealand members turning into a farcical discussion of homo[removed]uality in rugby.

Is this the conduct of growm-ups or what?   I am sick and tired to see any potential discussion of rugbty issues being turned into a farce and am seriously considering stopping my membership of the Board altogether because juvenile tendencies became the norm - not intereseting and comprehensive discussion on rugby issues.   I am frankly not interested in who is fat and who is not and who is  lieing about issues and who is not.

I am indeed very disappointed because I respect Mozart as a person very much and found A girl to be a nce person when I met him in London



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RE: The Board farce
January 10, 2013, 08:37:53

 I hear you Mike. Its gotten so bad, I started a topic on Rory Kockett and him potentially coming home. He wants to play international rugby and doesn't mind if its in France or SA an not 1 blogger shares their thoughts on what could be a massive gain for SA rugby and possibly change the whole dynamics of the team yet we will get 100 posts about who is a liar and who is short and fat.. Ridiculous now!


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RE: The Board farce
January 10, 2013, 08:44:53

Do you know that Rory Kockott is 0.05mm shorter than Francois Hougaard but wears a jacket that is one size larger?


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RE: The Board farce
January 10, 2013, 08:50:54

Dear Mike, I read your rant with some surprise. I notice a lot of "I" in it.

Come let us reason together  then as honest men Mike.

Firstly you say you respect Moz and that A girl is a friend. Explain to me why they should only post what finds favour in your eyes. They are happy entertaining one another in this odd way so who are you or me to dictate to them what they post on. It is a well known principle that if you do not find a thread interesting you are free to move on. 

Secondly you partake in non rugby threads  -eg the Sharapova where you  made a few very suacy comments nogal!

Thirdly you are a self confessed stiirrer  so why cant you allow others to stir  a bit. Moz and A girl have been at it for years and keep coming back for more!.You have been at rooitwit 9the village idiot) for years. Whats the difference?

Forthly, I responded to allblacknblue's comment re Moz and A girl going on a date by bring up the [removed] ab story as a counter. That is sports related and the article has been in various news papers all over the world and it appered in Sports 24 under the rugb ysection and drew a numner of comments. You enjoyed the saucy Sharapova post but go ballistic re this one. I agree its not something to go on about and said as much.

If there are juvenile tendencies than they abound on all rugby webites and probably on all public websites. being juvenile =can als obe fun so lighten up. It will keep you young at heart!

The fact is one cannot shape a board to ones own preferences whatever they may be. Allow folk to do their thing. It is only in cases of extreme and consistent abuse that you will find most draw a line. We have not come remotely near that line.

By all means make attempts to up the tone of the board as you see fit. You are one of the guys I would put in the imminently sane catergory (this rant aside!). You are a decent, honest person and often have nudged us in the right direction. However threatening to leave because some folk are not measuring up to your standard is being dictatorial and is not on.

As an experienced poster you must surely know that many a thread is highjacked. Things take a turn and follow another direction. It happens all the time so why the hissy fit. simpl ybring the threa dback on cous eby being persistent

Also as an eperienced poster you surely know that the end of year is always quiet rugbywise and folk post on a numner of subjects and bante raway more than usual. I have visited other boards over this period and they have just about stone dead. We havee hada bit of this and that a squable or two and have remained reasonably entertained. No harm done.

A board is made up of basically two types. Sane guys and loonies. If all were sane the board would die of boredom. If all were loonies the board would explode!  The great thing is the benefit of diversity. Of course loonies can at times be sane and sane guys can have moments when the become loonies!!

Hope you can be objective enough to see it from another view point. Anyway yours truly is a great fan of yours and I hope we can continue our squables, agreements, good and bad times on into the future. I am anticpating a bumber year.  We will have to find ways to cheer up the Kiwis though!!ROTFL




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RE: The Board farce
January 10, 2013, 09:28:56

Boklogic I posted a thread on Kockott earlier and hence no replies to your thread.

In my view is that if you find a thread boring then why read it?

Allow me to explain the hight issue (which is not the issue). Moz is winding ou snapster up on the premise of principle - a good wind up has to have a solid base you understand. The feisty and vain snapster loves discussing anything to do with himsef and so can go on for days on the issue - it was him  who raised the matter again in the first place.

Now if you sane guys do not like the thread then the sane thing to do is to not read it and, better still, to post something sensible. However please leave us loonies in peace. These sane guys think the board is all about them!!  What about the needs of the loonies! Do they ever think of that. NO. Pouty


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