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3324 Topic: Ritchie's gal!

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Ritchie's gal!
January 04, 2013, 12:09:34
Emma Sayle (Getty Images)

Auckland - All Blacks captain Richie McCaw (Mccheat) is reported to be dating an English woman who organises high-priced [removed] parties and is a friend of the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to the Stuff website, the pair met during the All Blacks' recent end of year tour to the UK, and McCaw - who turns 32 today - was said to be ready to use his six-month sabbatical from the game to pursue the relationship, according to Woman's Day. (Bwahahahahahahahahaha - and th isoak is the nz rugby icon - much like BL is their ref of the year!  ROTFL

Emma Sayle, 34, was described as six-foot tall, a colonel's daughter and the boss of Killing Kittens, where strictly vetted couples pay up to $300 each to attend [removed] parties.

She was a church-going Christian who said she never took part in the parties. (Oh Pleeease!)

She knew Kate Middleton through boarding school, with the pair bonding after the future queen joined Sayle's charity group, The Sisterhood, which paddled a dragon boat across the English Channel in 2007.

In May, Sayle broke off an engagement to the son of former England cricketer Sir Ian Botham, and has previously dated England rugby player James Haskell.


 Some choice and not so choce comments on ritchies gal!
He's gonna need another 6 months sabbatical if this is true. lol ROTFL
In die woorde van Koos Kombuis vanuit Richie se oogpunt: "Ek het balbesit, maar al my manne is onkant".
He may as well have hired a call-girl.
Jimmy NZ December 31, 2012 at 17:51
If she's hot who cares! Happy Birthday Richie and enjoy your holiday :)  (Typical nz mong!!!)
If I was him I'd be aiming a bit higher and younger. I don't think she's hot at all. Probably because I'm 5'9. Nah that's not the only reason. She's a 6/10 at best. ROTFL
 @Flemstone, she probably has some hidden skills we don"t know about!
He was lying around on the wrong side of the ruck. Looks like that is where he picked her up. ROTFL
But then he got a yellow card, had to go down on her for 10 minutes.
now I know you are really talking nonsense. Richie McCaw, getting a yellow card? Since when does Richie McCaw get yellow carded. It seems this whole thing is a mix-up of mistaken identity. ROTFL
There is really NOTHING to report on in rugby circles if this is making headlines. Can't wait for the Super15 to start. ROTFL
So this chick was probably organising the so called high priced [removed] parties #orgies# for the all wonder they lost to england.......too much bump and grind ROTFL


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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 04, 2013, 12:22:47

I am currewntly trying to get some confirmation of the story from my Kiwi friends on backing black. Trust they will not try to shoot the messenger!


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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 05, 2013, 09:12:06


This story was on News 24 as well - so there may be some truth to it.   She is definitely not a bird - she is a well laid hen.    However, I do not think that McCaw can do much better - really nice girtls do want some brains and not only brawn - and in his case the brain elelment seems to have gone AWOL.   He wants to socialie with the top notch English gentry - so he is going for this seasoned hen.   She comes at a price and is defnitely not cheap -  $300 is quite a price to pay for a f#ck - not so?

When it comes to the Lady (?) concerned - she apparently uses her charity to remain in touch with the society hobnobs in England - the Sisterhood does what to be regarded as a charity - do they cater to look after hasbeen prossies? 


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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 05, 2013, 09:28:37

 Mike my only hope is that the kiwi bird brain worshippers of mcaaaaw get some perspective. Their blind adoration needs to be defused and grounded in reality especially regarding his rugby - we all have our foibles after all! Its just another reality check for them

Tough being a kiwi these days! Hahahahahahahaha


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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 05, 2013, 14:05:02

 From Hayley Holt to that..tisk tisk Richie...Show some class..That thing is the epitomy of average and she aint getting any younger!!


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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 05, 2013, 18:12:57

Obviously his greatness can see her inner beauty..... With his xray vison.

Arthur John

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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 05, 2013, 22:35:20

Who can blame him.

Have you guys ever seen the average NZ chicks

He is only human and also thinks with his head (yep thats right......  the one between his knees).

People who live in glass house should never throw stones.....I think.

Hard on Richie!!!!!!!!




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RE: Ritchie's gal!
January 06, 2013, 09:35:20

Good point about nz chicks AJ although there have to be some exceptions. Lets not be too hard on Richie given the cir[removed]stances and him being a kiwi. As with his rugby he will have to be let off lightly lest we have the kiwis in tears.Hahahahahahahaha

 Pity ou Hakwa is awol as I am sure he could have provided an insightul picture or two!

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