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3303 Topic: The Boks and the wee abs make the same mistake

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The Boks and the wee abs make the same mistake
December 31, 2012, 09:12:01

I am on record saying one might need to tweak ones team according to the conditions/opposition.

On the fast highveldt grounds we may need to speed up the pack. A slight tweak is probalby needed .Eg Coetzee at 8. vermulen at 7.  The lose trio of Louw, Vermuelen and Alberts is great at Twicks but is it the right loose trio for Loftus?

As for the weee abs  - well show pony bent read is okay for  arunning game at Loftus but not a tough battle at Twicks. abs need  tougher forwards to prevent them being so badly dominated as they were against England a Twicks. When the abs com up against a tight five dominating them  - eg Dunedin and Twicks the need to supplement their fire power.

Where the game is likely to be fast and furious against a running backline on  a hard fast field we need a fast numnber 8. You could even go as far as playing kan kan at eight with Coetzee at 7 One could experiment with the balance of the pack a bit.

What is certain is that the abs to be in contention at the next wc need to find some real forwards. Their show ponies and ageing cohort were badly exposed.
All we need to do is ge our backline better. Meyer simply needs to appoint  a top backline coach.



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RE: The Boks and the wee abs make the same mistake
December 31, 2012, 14:58:38


McCaw is invovled with a madam from Ebgland and is unlikely to survive that one as a player.   Saw something about that on News 24 - iteresting reading'

Now back to your comment - for a change I actually agree with you for a change.   Watch out for Du Toit though - we will sooon enough n Super 15  see whether my prediction on him works out.   His one advantage is that he is speedier than Vermeulen and Louw - but has the physique and abilities to play at lock.   He is gpoing to be the ideal lock partner for Etzebeth and I predict he will be before the end of 2013.

Like Etzebeth at 21 - Du Toit will come through at 20     


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