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3235 Topic: Ntini as cricket selector

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Ntini as cricket selector
December 12, 2012, 09:22:53
Makhaya Ntini (Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Makhaya Ntini's possible appointment as a national selector has received a mixed response following recent controversial statements made by the former Test star bowler in the press.

Ntini raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when he claimed Highveld Lions wicketkeeper Thami Tsolekile "would be playing for the Proteas if he was white".

Tsolekile says he was "disturbed" after the remark from Ntini flared up racial tensions.

Dont like this idea. If the guy is no  meirt orientate  and picks on race we go downhill. Currently the selectors are getting it right. All palyers look to be there on merit. Thami is nowhere near good enough.

Ntini was a good competent test bowler. However he does not appear to have the objectivity to be a good selector.



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RE: Ntini as cricket selector
December 12, 2012, 09:32:27

on the one hand he knows what it takes to be a good International Cricket player as he did quite well when he was one.

His appointment will please the polititions.

On the other hand his recent comments will always put a clowd over his final selection, however we shold remember he won't be the only selector on a panel, he will have input however his word is not neceserily final, therefore if the other selectors disagree then they disagree.

There are advantages and disatvanteges to having him as a selector. A bit of Politicking by Cricket SA to apease government.

Arthur John

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RE: Ntini as cricket selector
January 04, 2013, 23:34:20

 Time to stand firm guys on this issue.

He is a racist and should not be considered at all.

The time for  bending over to aplease the government is over. Keep politics out of sport..ALL SPORT.

There is more than enough evidence proving that the government is clueless and bases all their policies on colour.

Select on merit and not colour. Select the best not the rest is my moto.

Who cares if the teams are all white or black (only the blacks) as long as they produce the best results.

Look what has happened to SA football....gone all black and gone from winners to losers.

What more do they want??????

Vasbyt  manne.



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RE: Ntini as cricket selector
January 05, 2013, 05:10:48

I don't think ntini should be a selector if he is worrying about colour cause I have to say the cricket team is very evenly split between both races and the fact everyone that does play in our team at the moment deserts to e there, however Arthur to be honest our football team is mostly black well all black is due to the fact not many white South Africans look to play football we mainly play rugby so it hard to see it that was and I for one have watch many games containing south football member in and they are not to shabby by far peniar being the best but the others are not all that bad! 

Arthur John

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RE: Ntini as cricket selector
January 05, 2013, 22:58:49

 Thanks K-Z-S.

Watched the SA side playing Brazil last night.  Not impressed even considering the the Brazilian coach fielded his second string players.

You are correct Pienaar is an excellent him in the English Premier League.

Prior to leaving SA in 1987 football was very strong in and around Durban. I know quite a few players who played pro and they all say that the amature football leagues have collapsed nationally.

Escombe, Hillary, Stella, Ramblers,Umbilo,Addington,Parkhill  etc are long gone.

Sorry to hear that, but thats life I guess.



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RE: Ntini as cricket selector
January 06, 2013, 02:04:09

Hey a lose to a second string Brazilian team isn't bad as players like neymar and hulk played in that game I believe hulk scored the only goal if I'm wrong then the old brain has gone a bit off, also you have to see players like Parker and tshalabala as real good players along with keeper Khune, as all three of those players could of come over to English football after the World Cup but chose not to and aye back in the day maybe football was better for whites but nowadays I think most of the whites look for rugby or cricket or hockey and I still can't believe nitini thinks the teams are not even! I have met this man when he came to the uk one of the worlds nicest sportsmen however Gibbs well he isn't so nice! But I'm still shocked to hear nitini talk like this it's a shame :(

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