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3232 Topic: Now nz cricket apologise to Ross Taylor. What going on Brycy?

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Now nz cricket apologise to Ross Taylor. What going on Brycy?
December 12, 2012, 08:47:31

New Zealand cricket chiefs issued a public apology to axed captain Ross Taylor on Wednesday, as a weakened Black Caps side prepared to depart for South Africa without the in-form batsman.

Taylor opted to sit out the tour against the Proteas after being replaced as skipper by opener Brendon McCullum last Friday, leaving a gaping hole in the New Zealand batting line-up as the side faces the world's top-ranked test team.

The axing also exposed deep divisions within New Zealand cricketing circles and provoked a backlash against administrators over Taylor's treatment.

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chairman Chris Moller acknowledged the issue could have been handled better, but stood by the decision to appoint McCullum and said there would be no sackings at the organisation.

"The board has reviewed all aspects of the captaincy issue and wishes to publicly place on record its apologies to Ross Taylor and his family for the manner in which events have unfolded," Moller told reporters.

The drama is a distraction any team poised to confront the Proteas at home could do without, let alone one ranked eighth in the world and already without star spinner Dan Vettori and gifted batsman Jesse Ryder.

"What's unfolding at the moment is very disappointing," McCullum, a close associate of coach Mike Hesson, told reporters this week after denying he had any role in Taylor's downfall.

"I'm sure that will all heal in due course," he added. (These kiwis are forever squabbling about something or other! Hahahahhaha)

McCullum's optimism appears misplaced, as cricketing greats and media commentators called for heads to roll at NZC amid claims the sport has lost its way under the current leadership.

Former coach Mark Greatbatch called for Moller's departure Wednesday, accusing him on commercial radio of being "involved with too many underhand dealings in the last two or three years".

Former captain Martin Crowe has demanded NZC's entire top echelon, including Hesson, stand down, saying they had permanently damaged cricket in New Zealand, where popularity for the sport runs a distant second to rugby union.

Taylor himself has accused NZC of lying by saying he was initally asked to stay on as test captain when told before the first test against Sri Lanka in Galle last month that the team's leadership would be changed.

Dominion Post columnist Mark Reason said Taylor was New Zealand's only test-class batsman, averaging 43.45, and slammed the way he had been treated.

"Whatever happened to loyalty? New Zealand Cricket has shamed us all," he wrote. (Oh if only the nz rugby people had this type of honesty and just returned the burgled world cup to the IRB etc!! Alas no chance of that!)

However Taylor, who presided over a string of disappointing results in his 16 months as captain, has also faced criticism, with the New Zealand Herald's Chris Rattue accusing him of abandoning a team that desperately needs him.

"(He) is starting to come across as a prima donna," Rattue wrote, saying the South Africa tour was looming as a potential disaster without him.

Perhaps if Proteas prove to be too strong they should try some youngsters?


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RE: Now nz cricket apologise to Ross Taylor. What going on Brycy?
December 12, 2012, 12:59:38

This team won't go lie down Beeno, but they sure as hell are alot weaker withou Vetori and Taylor.

Taking that into account, I would try and maintain some consistency by not picking too many new faces, This excludes the T20, as i see sideshow cricket as just that, Cricket for people that don't like cricket. So they can experiment with the T20 side as much as they like it should be a good platfomr for a youngster to come in on.

Maybe give Subrayen and de Kock a chanch there. Although I suspect with Pangiso's curren't fomr and the form he showed in the Champions leaugue in the T20 format he would make the squad ahead of Subrayen.


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RE: Now nz cricket apologise to Ross Taylor. What going on Brycy?
December 12, 2012, 13:43:27

Ek I practically never watch T20  - its baseball really.

The black caps did well against Sri Lanka so can be too bad. How well they play pace is a question. I take it this is a three series match up. If we win first two bring in the younger players? Who is really knocking on the door?

I see Tahir and Tami were both not included in Lions for the finals. We are without Smith. They mentioned a spinner for the Lions who has been doing well. Is he a guy we could use as Tahir look to be out of the picture now. Pity as one had high hopes that we had found  a wrist spinner at long long last.




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RE: Now nz cricket apologise to Ross Taylor. What going on Brycy?
December 12, 2012, 15:26:21

The Spinner for the Lions is the guy i mentioned on the other thread and above.

Aaron Pangiso. Alas not a wristy as I believe that is the most difficult bowling action to master, and a beuty to behold when done correctly. but he has been doing well and I won't mind if they give him the chance.

He is not the youngest guy around but deserves a shot at least


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