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3177 Topic: It wasn't just the England forwards...

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It wasn't just the England forwards...
December 02, 2012, 22:07:59

What we saw in the NZL v ENG match was not just a great forward display by England. It was a monumental effort from the backs too and the fact that NZL was exposed for not having a plan "b". I am not saying NZL are not good enough to have a plan "b" because they are still a quality team but they have been in cruise mode for so long now as there plan "a" has not faultered yet so they were made to believe it will beat anyone on any day.


What England did well is take the game to the AB's and more than that, go up and fetch them on defence. Most teams try keep the ball close against the AB's as their backs are far more dangerous than their forwards. Then when the AB backs get the ball, teams stand back and hope for a mistake or let the AB's run at them. England went up and fetched them everytime. NZL backs were suffocated and they had no plan "b". They have not experienced this in such a long time that they became shocked and didn't look themselves.


Is it coincidence that SA dominated in 2007 and 2009 and those were the years we were so good at that "rush defence" tactic where we didn't let teams just run at us. We ran up to them and closed the space down pretty quickly. With no space, the AB's are not nearly as dangerous. Their pack is not even top 3 in the world. They good enough but neutralize their backs and they not world number 1. Thats what England did so well and not only did they beat them but they kinda mopped the floor with them. Very strange to see NZL having to score to make the scores look more decent. Shows just how superior England were in every facet of the game. If rugby was an 8 man game (ie. just the forwards) it would surely be a battle between SA, England and Argies for top 3 positioning.


Now I said this to friends and family when he left the shores of SA but SA's best inside centre wears the England 12 jumper!

Brad Barritt should have been capped in 2007 when the Sharks made the finals with the Bulls in Super Rugby. He was a stand out player every game that year yet Waylon Murray made it but not him. Huge mistake!!


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RE: It wasn't just the England forwards...
December 03, 2012, 11:21:23

great post bok. spot mate


to be fair the english attacked them where the boks tend to let them play there game instead of imposing there own game. the poms mental approach for me was the biggest factor. they took the fight to them. the english pack bombed the rucks slow the AB ball down and rushed on them in defence. that stoped the AB flowing pattern of play. the english played with a lot more width and speed on attack then what we have been playing all year to be fair


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RE: It wasn't just the England forwards...
December 03, 2012, 11:33:29

England have a very sound all round game.

Please note muncher we beat them 3 times and drew one game. With all our first string we should account for them quite nicely as unlike the abs - the y cannot bully our pack. More credit to Meyer of course.

Expect our backline to improve next year. 



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RE: It wasn't just the England forwards...
December 03, 2012, 11:58:15

the poms have not beaten us in years so its not just a "meyer era" thing but your right we do have the wood over them as they are playing a pattern that almost mirrors our own limp boring style. if it was not for that fluke try for us and the epic captain fail from the poms going for the 3 instead the win then we could have lost that game. that is how close the margins was. the biggest concern was the rubbish playing pattern and if the attacking game of the boks dont fire then next year might be meyers last.

one cant compete on the international stage with a major lacking area like attack. hence my obesession with the boks appointing a proper attacking coach. not some 2 bit forwards coach that can only attack a defenceless gatsby at the local fish and chip shop

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