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3090 Topic: springboks need to play more attacking rugby

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springboks need to play more attacking rugby
November 23, 2012, 11:49:14

I a rugby lover would love to see the boks playing attacking anmd running rugby not this bull[removed] kicking game that gets us nowhere. we got the players to do this but we need the cough to make it the game plan. the boks will play better if we dont kick the ball away every time we are on the frontfoot


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RE: springboks need to play more attacking rugby
November 23, 2012, 13:15:27

I think predominantly we do play attacking rugby, its just not executed properly in the right areas of play. Theres been controversy about Lambie stating that he kicks too much and hes changed his current play style. I agree to an extent that he has in fact changed his play style but Lambie still has his natural flair, he has improved on his tactical kicking and that makes him fairly more consistent which is great. I disagree that he kicks too much, he has a good balance between tactically and attack. So in substance Lambie is not the problem in this attack.

The main issue in this backline in this case is the the no12 (Inside Centre) crash ball technique, which i do not have a problem with however this tactic is being used far too much which is not giving our other backs opportunities to attack. At this point i can't determine whether this is the coaching idea or is it just De Villiers mindset to do this? Ultimately this needs to be looked at more frequently, i was rather surprised that this wasn't mentioned much here. I believe that is the problem becuase there is no other explanation why our outside centre and other two wingers didn't get enough ball in hand.

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