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3088 Topic: Shotgun....

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November 23, 2012, 07:49:53

I see Alviro Pietersen has kicked  up more dirt into your eyes after a gritty 54 at the Adelaide Oval. Not a bad bad strike rate of just over 48% would you not agree against a useful Oz attack?! ...and if  it wasn't for a lacksadaical run out who knows what he would have scored.

After calls for Player Of The Year, Habana, to be dumped and your feverish support for players like Waylon Murray and the useless Wynand Olivier and further shame for saying Jake White is an average coach not to mention your take on having the U21 side front as Boks, I find it extremely hard to understand why you don't stop embarrassing yourself.

I note your support for the POMS this weekend.....that's fine by me, just don't sing the Boks praises after they've won.


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RE: Shotgun....
November 23, 2012, 08:41:08

Hi there Denny glad to see you back and making a point or two! Who is lined up in your sites may I ask.

I must catch up with the cricket - could not bear to watch. With Philander and Kallis out of the attack we are in the dwang.


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