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3085 Topic: How to stir the Nuke

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How to stir the Nuke
November 22, 2012, 21:01:56


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RE: How to stir the Nuke
November 23, 2012, 09:46:01

Many thanks Sebastien, I have saved the thread in favourites! It should be compulsory viewing for all kiwis. I was hoping to get this again as Moz posted it earlier. I must go through it again. I really wonder what drove craig to do this? Not nealry as bad as BL which was totall youtrageous but i twas bad  - bit like his Loftus super 14 fina lagainst the Mighty Stormers.

There was a huge response from the public. I took these off the first page ( The few poor kiwis were hard pressed by the rest of the world it seems and our craig joubert did not come out at all well - please note the ability here to be objective - kiwis please do likewise):

Craig Joubert (SA) not so good and honest after all.... Also part of the whole SA rugby union conspiracy ???

I fully agree. He is pathetic, but the corrupt SA rugby union stands up for him and defends him still! The entire sport has become a joke! I've given? up on it long time ago already.
Just disgraceful...?
I? agree.
not a patch on Wayne Barnes referring in a previous France v NZ world cup? match (Wayne however was a Saint compared to this!)
Yeah I agree, Barnes was also pathetic, and? just like he got away with it, so will Lawrence and Joubert also get away with it. You see, nobody cares about honesty and integrity anymore- all they care about is greed and money! That is why I have given up on rugby completely and am glad to see that more and more people are following the same path.
Well this is a result of a poor standard of refereeing throughout the game. Every body in the world think its a load of rubbish that brings the game into disarray and disrepute. Yet the IRB and Referee's think its all great. When are the IRB going to wake up and get the standard to were? it should be?
They? never will! They are too dishonest and greedy after money!
this WC was a real success. Dammit even the super15 is way more exciting with very good rugby, close finishes and good reffs. Biggest failure NZ with "your world cup". GL for the next 24 years lol
I felt like NZ's try came from a knock-on not called by Joubert, and France was jobbed. Wales got robbed coz that kick went over, in my opinion. Great tourney, but I smell "home cooking",? as we like to call it here in the US, with a little help from the official.
you obviously don't know anything about rugby, you probably follow rugby since 2010 so you should just shut the [removed] up. Sincerely i hope you are a troll or something and you are not serious? cause i feel really pity for you. If you are serious you are just raging cause all the world know NZ cheated in this final, French were robbed, they didn't deserve the title because of their tournament but they were clearly the best on this game you racist [removed]
I am French and yes one was stolen at the time of this final. You speak about our percentages of victory I all will explain you. French plays in one season 50% of match moreover than on your premise! (top14, h-cup, european challenge, 6 nations). During the tests of summer it? is the team B which plays on your premise, the best players play the final stages of the competitions.The winter have the championship , one week to prepare whereas you have been together for 4 months!!
And NZ should have? won the QF in 2007...
sam himself said he deserved a? red card. irb rules. stop [removed]ing about that...
Yeah ok whateva pal, a few bitter northern hemisphere and aussie losers make comment that doesn't mean the whole world agrees with you. I can sense that you are some bitter soccer fan who rather? than rejoice in the AB's world cup win feel bitter that the All Whites are minnows and will never win anything. I did also watch the entire match while sober and sat on the edge of my seat whilst the AB's repelled wave after wave from the french attack. So get a life loser.
The rest of the world sees it as I see it. Even in New Zealand, where enforced silence reigns, football fans agree that the Tricolors were stitched up by the non-referee. Your contention (sans evidence) that Joubert "made some mistakes" is simply risible. Your evident anti-French sentiment stops you from making any intelligent observations on this travesty of a match. I watched the game with an open mind; clearly you did not. That is, if you even watched the game. As in watched it while? sober.
Well I do hope some were comforted by the action taken post the WC by the IRB when both BL and paddy were sacked. Craig of cours egot off scot free and was made SA re fof the year!!!
A sorry spectacle and to think we were also invloved. Oh the deep shame of it all - handing the WC to the abs and denying France the better side on the day. Hang our heads in shame both kiwis and Boks fans! Contrition by both is called for - hahahahahahahahhaha. Actually this is no laughing matter- to be joined in ignomious crime with the kiwi bird brains!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again Sebastien.




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