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3041 Topic: Bringin Beeno to account

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Bringin Beeno to account
November 19, 2012, 10:56:58

I read with great interest beeno's spirited defence of Steenkamp and Van der Linde and found it extremely amusing.   Suddnely Steenkamp had a solid game in the scrums.   What a joke - Steenkamp was solid in three scrums and then collapsed completely.   He was so unfit  that he subsequently started to scrum iwards and upwards - both penaklzable offebces abd he was lucky notto be penalized.   If that is "solid" then I think Beeno should go back to primary schol - he does not even understand the most basic words in the English language. The best description fof the performance of Steenkamp can be embodied  in one word- "sh!t".

Then we had the case of Van der Linde - he was ten times worse than Greyling was in the Dunedin test - yet he is excused because he is not performing well as a tighthead prop.   If that be the case what the f#ck was Meyer's reasons for seleting him?

I am really pissed off -so please forgive the bad terminology used.     


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RE: Bringin Beeno to account
November 19, 2012, 11:16:35

Please Mike Steenkamp was fine and your imagination is running riot. 

CJ was played on the wrong side of the scrum and should not be considered as a tighthead particulary when facing a difficult short opponent. Meyer made an error there.  Fact is as has been noted while Jannie and Steenkamp were on our scrum was fine and that first half was good.

So you got half a mark as CJ was not too bad at loosehead so you cant altogether blame the player.

Greyling played well in a test in NZ in 2011 and well in the Super 15 so was a reasonable selection. He exploded after waiting  70 odd minutues on the bench at Dunedin. One bad match doesn't define him. At least he wanted to play! Probably too much and was so fired up he lost it.

Loosehard props for England test - Steenkamp and Van der Merwe tighthead Jannie and whoever is stronger of Cilliers and Malherbe.  I think Meyer will go for experience and pick Cilliers but I would go for the stronger prop which is probably Malherbe.

My other point was De Jongh who could hardly be assessed given his involvement in the game . Looks to me like De Jongh would make a good wing. I agree re his distribtuion skills and have been saying for years its his weak point. That said our backline passing is a poor as a whole as are the lines we run etc

I see on TV  van graan  - right name? - was named by Matfield as their  Bok attack coach (Please note windpomp). Who is he and who is Loubscher. Can Meyer get in the right people in is a big question.

MIke I know our attack is weak but I think Meyer  is going for ugly wins right now. However I am wondering if we may just surprise England with a more Loftus versus Oz type of approach. Lambie can play a running game etc. We shall see.





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RE: Bringin Beeno to account
November 19, 2012, 11:35:12


About Steenkamp - he played for 15 minutes and then faded badly - if you cannot diagnoze unfitness then continue to be happy about him.   He would last no longer against the POMS and came off after an injury.   With him arooud we might as well forget about having a bench player around and start with the repkacenebt - why wait for 15 minutes to elapse?  

We are onto a loser here - irrespective of what Meyer does.  I would rather follow the Toulouse example and put FATSO on the bench in the hope that we may not need him at all.

As to a different play against the POMS - do you still believe in the tooth fairy?  


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RE: Bringin Beeno to account
November 19, 2012, 11:57:40

WOW so now our forwards coach moonlights as a attacking coach as well ???? seems like SARU must be really on a shoe string budget ???


the scots has hastings i think i do stand corrected and the woefull traditional poms even have a attacking coach yet we are stuck with the brandy loving womanizing van graan that cant even coach a team to attack a chip roll yet alone attack a tryline.



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RE: Bringin Beeno to account
November 19, 2012, 12:40:37

I was happy with Steenkamp's performance, but still believes Heinke is our best loosehead. As for CJ he should'nt be there, and hopefully Cilliers will start against the Poms


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RE: Bringin Beeno to account
November 19, 2012, 13:30:29

Steenkamp was okay and no disaster. De Jongh didnt get enough ball to be asessed really. Neither are the future in all likelihood in any event - although one wonders if de jongh can be coached right as he does have talent. Right now Jordaan looks better.  Jordaan has thatpricelss asset called vision. De Jongh is a dangerous runner but needs to link with his team mates much better.

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