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3036 Topic: Congratulations to the Boks and mMyer

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Congratulations to the Boks and mMyer
November 19, 2012, 08:28:52

One can only say it was a superb effort of guts and determination that won this.

Those with little or no rugby a[removed]en will bleat away about the few tries being scored but they of course miss the point entirely. Meyer is out to win and he believed this was the best way and was proved correct. Those predicting Bok defeats by Ireland and Scotland were proved wrong. Now the same bleaters are having a third go, very predctably, that England will win. Like stuck records they are! Bwahahahahahaha

What the bleaters take no account of is the large number of very fine players missing form this BOk squad. They also take no account of the exhaustion of this squad.. The Boks when playing Oz at Loftus really had one good half, 40 good minutes against the abs and one half against Ireland and Scotalnd. These myopic spectators have no clue as to what sound player manager is all about.. Bleating is their game! Hahahhahahahahaha and they are very good at it I will give you that.

So great work Meyer and the Boks! One more to go. We who understand the game know how well they Boks have done. Clean sweep is still on or should I say grand slam - in the broader sense as used by Moz.

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