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3025 Topic: Can Pat Lambie kick up and unders?

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Can Pat Lambie kick up and unders?
November 17, 2012, 22:10:50

 Meyer is not going to be happy with the up and unders that Pat Lambie did today, and any other tactical kicking he did looked poor. His pole kicking seemed fine just missing one narrowly, and the others were dead center.

As for Morne coming on at the end, what was that all about? 

Perhaps he has lost patience, and he needs some one that can under stand the Bulls game plan. 

Why play Lambie if Meyer want him to play like Morne

I was watching the game plan and think that it was poor. We should have finished the scots in the 1st half. 


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RE: Can Pat Lambie kick up and unders?
November 18, 2012, 05:55:46


Let me ask you one question - why is Lambie instructed to play differently from his natural game?   There is no way that an instinctive, dynamic  and capable attacking player can be changed successfully into a kicking robot - he is bound to fail under such cir[removed]stances.   If Meyer expected Lambie - or for that matter Goosen - to become kicking robots he can go back to the disastrous Morne Steyn and the worse Earl Jantjies.   He will have more success with them - than he will have Lambie and Goosen.   End of story,.  


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RE: Can Pat Lambie kick up and unders?
November 18, 2012, 06:07:51


I do not like the way our best possesion is often handed over to the opposition- however if the game plan it to kick up and unders, as incorrect as it is, a player should be able to do them. 

If the game plan is to knock the ball on everytime, then a player like Jannie Duplessis is the player to implement the plan.

I think the up and unders from Lambie todays were useless. An Up and under is a valid tactic, but only when played at the right time. Not the overuse, and not when it is top quality possesion. 

Although Morne Steyn and Early Jantjies will typically make the same mess of the up and under. 

I have not played rugby in over 10 years, and I think I could have kicked better up and unders than Lambie did in the match yesterday.

I reckon that Morne Steyn is going to get more game time against England. It is the Bulls way, and Meyer needs players that understand the Bulls pattern of play- do not play any rugby unless in the opposition 22. Boring and parrasitic to try play of opposition errrors.


Personally, I would prefer John Plumtree to take over. At least our Rugby would be entertaining. Yesterdays game was rubbish. The Aus vs Eng game was excellant in comparison

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