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3024 Topic: English vs Australian Game

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English vs Australian Game
November 17, 2012, 22:03:41

 I watched the games in the pub. The TV screens were showing both games at the same time. 

The other game was much better- the English vs Australian Game. Very close and good enterprising rugby. 

Scotland vs the boks was like watching paint dry. 

Boks will need to step it up. England played well, although they lost. If South Africa play like they did today it is tickets


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RE: English vs Australian Game
November 18, 2012, 02:32:07

I think that we should have taken more shots at goal when we had the chance, that was just a bit silly, and there were a couple of players guilty of glory hunting and failing to reach the try line. That isn't really acceptable.

To think we are missing experienced players like Hartley and are having to resort to the 4th choice Hooker, who has only played a few matches for Leicester and was a Centre until not long ago, we're not doing too badly ! There are a lot of players out there with very few caps and a serious lack of experience. But the least we should have played for was the draw and that is very frustrating.

I think the match next week will be a very tough one and we will need to step up our defence, our accuracy and win a heck of a lot more ball to get the right result. I am not looking forward to it at all if truth be told !


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RE: English vs Australian Game
November 18, 2012, 06:19:42


Don'y worry at all.   The Springboks have got a disfunctional backline and a shockingly poor prop situation.   That definitely will help the English team and destrroy the chances of the Springboks.  Meyer has a crazy selection process and if there indeed is a game plan - it is never executed  because of his selection of players..

I have a feeling Meyer is going to pick his favourite player - Morne Steyn -  to play at flyhalf against England and that would seal the fate of the Springboks - end of story.


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RE: English vs Australian Game
November 18, 2012, 22:41:37

We shall see, Mike :) 

We have a Hooker with 2 caps, Marler who was injured and has a handful of caps at Prop, Vunipola with two run on caps and Corbisiero who has hardly played of late because of injury. Cole has to stay fit !!

We're a young side, with many injuries and we need to find our feet quickly. A few losses doesn't do you harm in the long run...if you learn from them. We just need to learn quick !!


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RE: English vs Australian Game
November 20, 2012, 01:45:21

Becs there are no positives in losses and you have most of your first choice players there bar Hartley and Foden and to a lesser extent Lawes.

Ashton, Tuilagi, Barritt, Sharples, Flood, Farrell, Youngs, Care, Marler, Corb, Cole, Parling, Palmer, Robshaw, Wood, Johnson and Walldock are all first line players for you. Hartley is the only real miss given Goode is seen as a starter these days


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RE: English vs Australian Game
November 20, 2012, 08:49:08

Becs no excuses please as we have far more and better players out.

I note also your deep concern about Etzebeth. The young man is fast becoming a legend!

Dont take ou Mike too seriously he is in a pesimistic phase and has been talking himself into a negative corner along with snapster.  Mike thinks we are going to lose every time we go onto the field only to be confounded.

If we hav e15 men on the field we will be battling to win be sure of that. Our biggest problem is deep fatigue and the big question is how much is in left the tank. The guys hav played way to much rugby and ar erunning on empty. Hence meyer trying wisely to res tthen team this week. will it be enough?  - we shall see.

Loosing JP and possibly etzebeth after all the other players being out means we are fielding a severely weakened side. Just hope Jannie is okay! However I still am hoping the Boks can win.

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