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3003 Topic: The All Whites have no manners?

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The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 09:08:14

Ex Supersport

New Zealand Football apologised on Friday after All Whites players reportedly went clubbing in Shanghai following a match against China, then failed to turn up for a breakfast with young fans. (Disgracefull behaviour from the All Whites!!!)

The New Zealand Herald said NZF chairman Frank van Hattum showed up to the event on Thursday morning without any of the team who played in a 1-1 draw against China the previous night, leaving expatriate Kiwi children disappointed.

It said New Zealand businessman Howard Moore complained on his Facebook page that the team had squandered a chance to build goodwill among supporters with the no-show at the event organised by expat organisation Kea.

"All Whites efforts were obliterated by their failure to turn up the next morning at a Kea breakfast function to which many kids came along expecting to see the All Whites as advertised," he posted.

"The reality was they went out to the M1NT Bar nightclub and couldn't make the effort to turn up for this breakfast." (Shocking really!!!)

The venue features a shark tank and on its website boasts that it has the third-highest sales of Dom Perignon champagne in the world. (Bet their sales took a big boost!!!)

NZF did not say whether players had attended the club, but issued a statement saying it did not know that players were expected at the function.

"NZF was unaware that the breakfast had been promoted on the Kea China website and that the All Whites were expected to attend and apologises to the fans who turned up to see them," it said

Well, well, well - not much good can be said about these All Whites. However if one looks at the bright side of things one does realise that had the All Blacks been sent over it would have been even more o fa debacle!!! Bwahahahahahaha

sasuke uchiha

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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 09:55:06

very poor form indeed, typical soft soccer players, :o(

but where was ricky herbert and other staff members, as they are usually reliable and understand how important  the building of good will of soccer is, especially in a country like NZ where rugby rules supreme, and thats why i believe they wernt aware of it, even though ben10s regurgitated article insinuates otherwise. :o/
but TBH who cares, rugby is the be all end all of all sports. :o)


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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 10:05:42

You miss my point saSUE  - the abs are far worse!   Trouble also is you guys see everything in black and white and no greys! Hahahhahaha


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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 10:09:10

So Beano it must be all black for em all whites ........... Samoa or Wales ?


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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 10:28:10

Hi there Bobbok you know how I love to point out nz foibles!

Wale had better beat Samoa or their name will be mud even more so than it was after their defeat by the Argies. SH rules and NH druels about sums it up!  But I am tipping Wales to win so wee barlee can relax.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 11:27:50



hypotheticals, fairy tales and what ifs maybe ur forte, but u can play with me with facts, but not crazy one eyed opinions, LMAO, :ob

All Black NZ

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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 12:05:09
Victorious All Blacks enslave Scots
James Stafford
November 16, 2012
New Zealand perform a haka, Scotland v New Zealand, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland, November 11, 2012
General McCaw leads his troops into battle against the Scots at Murrayfield© Getty Images

New Zealand have thrown the future of international rugby into doubt after shocking post-whistle behaviour from the Kiwis last weekend saw Murrayfield looted and razed to the ground.

Not content with dismantling Scotland on the playing field by 51 points to 22, the triumphant All Blacks then proceeded to sack the stadium itself upon the blowing of the final whistle by referee Jerome Garces.

Murrayfield, the home of Scottish rugby since 1925, today lies in ruins, with naught but debris littering the floor where the cathedral of Scottish rugby previously stood.

Once the smoke and flames had finally died down late Tuesday afternoon news broke that the entire playing and coaching staff of Scotland had been enslaved by Richie McCaw and his team-mates.

"We claim these inferior Celts as our war booty," snarled General McCaw in a press conference held amongst the rubble of the south stand. "We are tired of coming here to Europe and engaging in these minor, insignificant skirmishes. For over a century we have come here to the lands our great-grandfathers sensibly left behind them and we get nibbled at by these pesky flies. No more. No more do we come here for your entertainment. No more. This time we end it forever. We are not a circus act for the entertainment of Europeans. We are the AIG-sponsored All Blacks."

Whilst information is sketchy, it seems the entire Scottish squad are to be forced to carry the All Blacks' gear around Europe for the rest of the tour. Unconfirmed witness reports state that the players may already be chained together and marching single file southwards under the unforgiving whip of coach Steve Hansen.

General McCaw has declared that all of the All Blacks opponents can expect the same treatment if they attempt to offer any resistance on the field of play.

"There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the women of Italy, England and Wales if we so decree it," stated McCaw. "Those who stand before the All Blacks will be enslaved or destroyed." All Blacks' scrum-half Piri Weepu tweeted that the razing of Murrayfield was: "sweet as, bro."

Whilst the majority of the All Blacks have set forth for their next encounter, a small band of administrators and injured players have remained behind to erect a 40 foot marble statue of David Kirk (the All Blacks' victorious 1987 World Cup captain) and General McCaw.


"The SRU deserve it for playing that awful pop music after scores and during any break in the game"


Reaction to the stadium's destruction has been mixed in Scotland. Whilst many fans are saddened to see a Scottish icon wiped off the face of the earth, others were less sorrowful.

"The SRU deserve it for playing that awful pop music after scores and during any break in the game," said Scott Wallace, a lifelong rugby fan from Edinburgh. "Really, it's hard to mourn its passing. Maybe years ago it would have been sad, even a tragedy. But now? I'll get over it. It's not like we ever win there anyway."

Amazingly, news of Murrayfield's destruction has not led any of New Zealand's autumn opponents to cancel their fixtures with the world champions.

The Rugby Football Union, when asked for comment, would only say that the razing of Murrayfield was a matter for the Scottish Rugby Union and the International Rugby Board.

Similarly, the Welsh Rugby Union said that the planned fixture would go ahead as "we really need the cash right now and can't afford to turn down the ticket sales". The spokesperson even went on to say that the Millennium Stadium is fully ensured and that if it was to be destroyed by a mob of marauding All Blacks "it wouldn't be the end of the world".

Meanwhile, in Dublin, the IRB, which initially took a neutral stance on the Scottish incident has now confirmed that the allegations against New Zealand will come under close scrutiny. Furthermore, if anything 'untoward' was found to have occurred the IRB stated that is may even impact upon the staging of the 2015 World Cup.

The IRB issued then issued the following statement late yesterday in response to the crisis: "If Richie McCaw is found to have been responsible for the utter destruction of a stadium belonging to a founding member of the IRB and if he is found to be involved in enslaving an entire international squad and management team then the IRB will take action consistent to how we would always treat Richie McCaw. He will be told very forcefully to be very careful or possible sanctions may possibly be put in place to possibly punish him. We will not budge from our stance of possible action against Richie McCaw."

One source in the IRB who wished to remain anonymous, added: "This is what happens when you let people have their way with something like the Haka."


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RE: The All Whites have no manners?
November 16, 2012, 13:06:42

What wil these wackous do when the bubble bursts? Mass suicides in the land ofthe long dark cloud. Keep your booties on the ground please nz oaks!


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