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2978 Topic: John Mitchell focusing on having no future

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John Mitchell focusing on having no future
November 13, 2012, 20:04:44


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John Mitchell © Gallo Images

Mitchell focusing on the future


Lions head coach John Mitchell has returned to work at the Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) after four months, and was looking forward to working at the union.

The former All Blacks player and coach said he had learnt a lot during his time away.

"I am excited about being back at the Lions and learnt a lot during the time I was away," Mitchell said in a GLRU statement on Tuesday.

"I am looking forward to working with the many new faces in the team, and I am sure they will bring a lot of energy to our set-up."

Mitchell praised stand-in head coach Johan Ackermann and his management team for the work they did during the season.

"Coach Ackermann and the management did a superb job and, at the moment, I am returning to consult with them, make future plans and understand their previous execution," said Mitchell.

The Lions pre-season began on Monday with all players undergoing testing, as team management continued to plan for the coming season.

Mitchell was confident the players would be well prepared for the season ahead.

"Our main goal is to secure re-entry into the Super Rugby competition, but we have two other objectives -- team development, and a strong performance in next year's Currie Cup," Mitchell said.

"In order to move forward, you must look forward, and we are in the process of laying down the foundations we need in order to achieve our objectives."


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RE: John Mitchell focusing on having no future
November 13, 2012, 20:07:19

 It boggles the mind why he is still wasting his time with the Lions. Are they even going to get into the SuperXV for 2014.

Cheeky and the affirmative action crew are unlikely to let the Kings enter a play off match in the first year to let the Lions get back into the team in 2015. 

sasuke uchiha

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RE: John Mitchell focusing on having no future
November 13, 2012, 20:51:11

 completely agree with that scenario sharkbok, the powers that be arent going to let the kings go out in their first year and neither should they IMO, i mean give them a chance to get settled anything else would be a token gesture which would reek of a waste of time and resources.

the lions have had ample opportunity the last 10 years plus to make a fist of it and now SARU are saying to the kings u got one year to not finish last, or ur up for relegation??? i dont think so.

however there is a real possibilty that the cheetahs could miss out on playing in 2014??? how fudged up would that be???

im not sure what it is exactly that john mitchel is trying to achieve with the lions, but IMO he wants to make a name for himself at CC level, then when an opportunity presents itself at spXV, he will springboard out of the lions and i got a feeling he has his eyes set on meyers current position, so dont act surprised in 2016 when i say, see, what did i tell u??? LMAO, :oP

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