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2977 Topic: cricket aye??? pffffft,,,
sasuke uchiha

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cricket aye??? pffffft,,,
November 13, 2012, 19:59:09

 i played cricket all the way through school, was dependable with the bat and could bowl a fast ball which cricket coaches would encourage, but as touch rugby grew in popularity in NZ and my natural love for rugby, i commited more to touch rugby and cricket became nothing more then a memory, i honestly think that if my close friends never played cricket, i never would have bothered trying it out in the first place.

i had a similar attitude towards cricket on TV, i thought it was so borrrrrrrring and couldnt understand why playing it and watching were so different, as one i didnt mind, while the other made me want to bash my head in.
even now with the SA vs OZ test in brisbane, this is what i have gathered from the news, they played a 5 day test series, one day was completly washed out leaving them with 4 days of play and the final result was a freaking DRAW??? o_O
and then the commentators try to spin it like it was such a good series, o_O

each to their own, but IMO, theres nothing good about watching something like cricket for four days only for no one to win the game.


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RE: cricket aye??? pffffft,,,
November 15, 2012, 14:19:24

saSue I enjoy watching test cricket especially when we play OZ . However it is on during the night and then there wa sthe rugby - all the tests going on - and then the ATP tennis finals which saw the top 8 players in the world battling it out - so the cricket got left behind for me.

Its funny that about watching for 5 days and no result - but how many soccer lovers watch a draw and only a goal or so scored. Its the contest that keep one glued.


sasuke uchiha

Status: Rugby Legend
Posts: 5868
RE: cricket aye??? pffffft,,,
November 16, 2012, 12:44:43


i have never had anyone aussie, kiwi or my sri lankan mates put it to me like that and i like that answer, very logical even the anology to soccer.
i hope that one day u can transfer that logic to ur rugby arguments, but i wont hold my breath, cos i dont want pass out, LMAO, :ob

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