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2878 Topic: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance

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Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 16:24:23

Ex Keo

Heyneke Meyer has reiterated his call for a central contracting system as a means of making the Springboks the strongest force in the game.

The success of Meyer’s first season in charge has been compromised by a string of first-choice players going down injured, while there have also been a host of withdrawals of impact and fringe players. He will undertake the year-end tour without the services of Bismarck du Plessis, Bryan Habana, Frans Steyn and Andries Bekker, who are widely considered to be among the best in their positions in the game. They are all sidelined because of what Meyer has attributed to the destructive and [removed]ulative effect of the longest season in their careers.

Meyer has voiced serious concerns about the well-being of the elite players in the recent past and has again suggested that something needs to change or risk their careers being cut by many years, in the process undermining any potential for the Springboks to become the world’s pre-eminent side.

My strength has always been to change flawed systems which I hope I can still do while in charge. New Zealand get it right from a player management point of view. We have to look at that as a way forward otherwise we will never be the top team in the world,’ Meyer told ‘Our top players simply cannot play Currie Cup, Super Rugby and Test matches. Also their social and family life suffers because they are never at home. We are going to lose more players to overseas teams if this doesn’t change. If we want to win consistently, not just one or two here and there, we have to look at the systems going forward. (YOU TELL THEM MEYER AND NEVER STOP!!!)

We’re not in an ideal situation and I’m worried about all the injuries, particularly since there are some world-class players unavailable,’ he continued. ‘This tour was already a tough one and with the injuries it will be tougher. It is frustrating because I wanted to try new things and build on what we’ve done so far. But when you have new players coming into the group you have to go back to basics. If you consider that Fourie du Preez and Jaque Fourie weren’t available, and Frans Steyn and Bryan Habana were injured recently, if I had all those players fit suddenly the backline is helluva experienced. Hopefully one day I can pick that backline.’

Team doctor Craig Roberts, however, eased some fears around the availability of players in the squad who are carrying knocks. Francois Louw’s neck injury has responded well to treatment and he is expected to play for Bath on Sunday. Adriaan Strauss will participate fully in training this week after a knee injury, while captain Jean de Villiers (hamstring) has already started running and will be available for selection for the Ireland Test.

Meyer confirmed that he had settled on the 32nd player to tour but could not say who because details were still being discussed with his club. Locks Bakkies Botha (Toulon) and Marco Wentzel (London Wasps) are on standby. Meyer extolled Wentzel’s lineout value (he has been the Premiership’s most successful lineout receiver), while adding that he still held Botha in high regard. ‘I’d love to have Bakkies involved because I think he has two or three years left in him at Test level,’ he said. ‘But he isn’t going to start ahead of Eben and he isn’t a bench player.’

If Bakkies i splaying well he and Etzebeth are a lock pairing made in heaven!!!  Meyer must keep pushing this issue as hard as he can!


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 16:29:36

Meyer speaks a load of crap, he should take a look at himself and ask himself why he is incapable of selecting a winning side and thereafter ask himself what he needs to do to get with the times when it comes to the art of modern day rugby.

Meyer effectively falls short in every department. Heaven help us, we are going to see a 10. Morne 12. Jean 13. de Jongh combo this tour - all I can say is [removed] ME!!


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 16:35:48

snapster your comment does not reflect well on you.

What do you think the score will be against Ireland?


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 16:59:15

A girl' principles of coaching:


Throw out all te "all the old Toppies" bring in 22 younsgters and tell them to carry on. Play them game after game. They are young and they will not break down.


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 17:14:24

 Couldn't agree more regarding central contracting system. Player management needs to be much more strategic. SA rugby has the depth to support a quality Currie Cup competition without the Boks involvement.


Player injuries are far too frequent. Habana is case in point.




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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 17:40:20

Let me guess Bongi - you would be selecting the washed up hasbeens like Jean, Morne, CJ and Steenkamp - difference being, you are a superior strategist to Meyer and you would produce a winning combo out of this sad old lot.

You sound as stupid as Moz and Meyer


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 17:44:59

My intelligence is not "shinning through" for you Sapp....bwahahahahahahaha.


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 17:46:03

Your rugby intelligence has never shone

sasuke uchiha

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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
October 31, 2012, 17:55:53

meyer is full of kak, he talks about players being overworked and then their frail bodies breaking down, but most of those players had the EXACT same workload as the All Blacks, the only real difference is after the IRC, the ITM were not allowed to pick All Black players.
(knock knock knock) hellllo, anyone home??? the ITM and currie cup both happened after the IRC, but the Boks injuries happened before then, infact, given that the Bok players were executed in the quaterfinals of the 2011 RWC, most of the All Black players that are here today have played more games then the Boks.

and FYI, dont mention that rubbish ive heard so many times about carter and McCaw being rested during the spXV, cos they were injured, unless u think carter didnt want to play in the RWC in front of a home crowd or that bionic McCaw loves getting metal rods implanted into his foot, o_O

this isnt why i think meyer is full of kak though, he talkes about wanting to do new things with the Boks which is good, but then he wants to bring in the likes of fourie du preez, WTF??? o_O
bringing in guys like that shows a true lack of intiative and ingenuity on meyers part to bring the game forward. im half expecting him to bring in goosen back, he can just pretend hes not injured again and further set him back, goosens a star, but hes yet to prove hes not another brussow, a lot of potential but weak and frail.


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RE: Meyer laments obstacles to dominance
November 01, 2012, 08:23:52

Meyer raised one good point - and that is the issue of central contracting.  However, the problem will remain and that is who will Meyer select for central contracting.  There really has been serious deficiencies insofar as his player selection is concerned - so is he going to contract some duds that he is constantly forcing into the team?  The list of duds is long and ever-increasing taking into account the present squad selection.

Insofar as the article is concerned - I have seen nothing in tests this year that qualifies Francois Steyn as being of one of the top players in world rugby.   He certainly has the potential - but has to up his game and lose a few kilos in the process.

The famous 32nd player to be announced is no doubt Bakkies Botha.   Why otherwise would he still be in negotiations "with his club".    I am not sure that Botha is anything but a short term selection and not even sure that he is good enough at present to play oin international level anymore.   If he is selected for the present tour - it will become clearer whether he is at present still good enough to play on international level.  Three years from now - he definitely won't be.   So even if he succeeds this year - he has no future in the game insofar as the next WC is concerned.  He is already 33 years old and by 2015 WC will be 36 just not on   it would be much better to develop in the time available younger players that can really compete at the next WC  

Similarly - his hankering after Fourie du Preez  is very well summarized by Sasue - also a NO-NO as far as I am concerned.  Fourie du Preez has certain positives (especilly his kicking game) - but he is sure to be a real detriment to effective and creative backline play.

As to Jacques Fourie - I think Mozart's summing up of him as a player is 100% correct - not really a future investment and it 33 years of age in 2015 - he would  also be irrelevant.     In any event - he will only be available in SA by 2014  - so definitely not a present factor at all and a really questionable one in future.   


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