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2856 Topic: Who will start at Flyhalf for the Boks?

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Who will start at Flyhalf for the Boks?
October 30, 2012, 04:50:24

Most people realise that Lambie is the logical choice. He proved his allround ability again in the Currie Cup.

Most people realise also that Meyer would love nothing better than to play Morne Steyn, regardless of his form.


We are going to hear that Morne Steyns kicking game is suited to the Northern Hemisphere conditons, even though his kicking has long since deserted him. Most of his kicking skills were for poles, not tactical kicking. Meyer states that Lambie is being considered at Fullback because his tactical kicking is not up to scratch to play at 10. Was Meyer watching the Curry Cup?

So instead of going forward and blooding Lambie to cover for Goosen, instead will we have Morne Steyn kicking away possesion to implement a game plan that does not exist?


Option 3 is Jantjies. To my mind, if Jantjies is going to be a test flyhalf he needs to get much more consistent. I have not ruled him out, but at this point I do not think he will be very reliable.




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RE: Who will start at Flyhalf for the Boks?
October 30, 2012, 05:49:28

Meyer has gone "deurmekaar" - he does not know whether he is Arthur or Martha.   If he did say Lambie's technical kicking is not up to standard - he lost the plot completely.   When did he say that?  

Any excuse is good enough to have Morne Steyn at 10 - come hell or high water.  Even if he was not injured he would not have played Goosen as well.   He was in fact forced by public opinion to drop Morne Steyn and I still think he did it against his will.   Remember what he said to the effect that he received hundreds of messages objecting to the decision to drop Steyn "becuase of the many tests he has won for SA in the past".  Why that remark when in fact 90% of the public objected to the selection of Morne Steyn and Kirchner? 

Jantjies is probably in the squad to please some other forces - he has no chance of playing even if Steyn flops badly as happened earlier this year.    Remember this is a tour match and the public would react less strongly than would have happened in Souh Africa, where the public may even have stayed away if Steyn was played 

Steyn it will be - I have no doubt of that.   If that happened and the matches are lost - Meyer might as well write out his resignation letter before his return to SA.


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RE: Who will start at Flyhalf for the Boks?
October 30, 2012, 06:00:10

If Steyn plays, I have no doubt that Ireland and England will beat us. They will be too strong at home and they are used to playing 10 man rugby. They do it better than us, especially at home. We need to run them around like the AB's and Aussies do. They dont like that and their skill levels are not what the SH teams are.


My question is, Why is Steyn doing this to himself? What is he hanging on to? People have doubted him for years now. Does he want his career to get to the point where all he sees, hears and reads is negativity about him and he gets boo'ed everytime he touches the ball? He is 1 more bad game away from that. When is he going to realise that he is sh!t! Everyone else already has!!

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