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2832 Topic: boks match day squad against Ireland

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boks match day squad against Ireland
October 27, 2012, 22:49:09

 1. Beast

2. Straus

3. Jannie

4. Ezbeth

5. Anton Bresler

6- Francious Low


8- Vermuelen

9. Ruan Piennar

10. Pat Lambie

11. Habana


13 Dejong

14. JP



Bench (8 players)

Deon Fourie

Raymond Rhule 



 Hougaard- scrumhalf , wing




Meyers Match day 

1- Over Rated Bull player

2 Over Rated Bull player

3 Over Rated Bull player

4 Over Rated Bull player

5 Over Rated Bull player

etc, etc


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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 27, 2012, 23:40:44


In essence I do not have too many problems with your team - but for the number 13 position.   I know he suddenly became the favourite son for scoring that one try - but people forget about the fact that in the other games he played in - he did nothing at all.  De Jongh is rarely an asset - mostly a liability.   Even today he gave away two converted penalties.   Unless other players create space for him - he produces zip.  

I think De Villiers may be fit to play at 12 - we will know by tomorrow what the status of his injury is.  If De Villiers canot play - we have a problem at 12 as well.   I would still pick Jordaan as 12 - based purely at his performance in the Super 15 finak - when he played in that position opposite Sonny Boy Williams and did well .   He has an exceptional work rate - he makes line breaks and off-loads very well - when tackled he makes sure the sidehe is playing for does not lose possession - he always looks for work - all of the above which is not the case with De Jongh.   I think thay Meyer might give Taute another chance at 13.   The best they can do with De Jongh is to put him on the bench.

If Habana cannot play - I think Meyer would go for Mvovo.   Rhule may come into the picture as well.  The dark hirse would be Basson - but the latter was bad in the semi-final last week

As for full back - Meyer will probably go for Kirschner - I would go for Lu[removed].   Lu[removed] has shown throughout the season that he is very effective in attacking play.

The Bench

If sides are allowed 8 bench members - you can have to prop replacements.   People argue that they were bad in scrummaging today - it in fact happened in two scrums only - the counter being that there was a hook againt he head caused by the WP props in particular.   I would say Kitsshof and Malherbe should be two of the bench playrers.  That leaves three positions for forwards and three backline players to make up the remainder of th bench.   The three forwards are likely to be Flip van der Merwe, Marcell Coetzee and Fourie

The backline players are likely to be Jantjies - insofar as I am concerned the worst choice possible - Hougaaard and De Jongh.

Persoanlly I think Meyer would really try the younger players in the tests on this tour to see whether they can shape up and fill positions on a permanent basis.   




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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 28, 2012, 00:11:58

@clevermike- I have been a fan of Dejong since his first year playing for the Stormers when he played insice center, with Jaque Fourie outside him. This was the last year that the Stormers had a good attacking backline. Peter Grant transformed from a running flyhalf to Morne Steyn, and it may be him causing the poor backline performance. I think this is why they were desperate to sign Earl. 

Lu[removed] would be a good option at 15. Bob Kirchner is solid, but anything but spectaculor

I would also get Jordan into the squad. He has brains and we need these to supplement braun. He would be good at 12. 

 This could be the make or brake tour for Hieneken Meyer. His selections have been his weakest aspect so far. As for the game plan, it seems to vary depending on the players on the field. Which asks the question- is their actually a game plan?

He has lost allot of faith in his approach and he seems to very Stubborn. His bulls approach worked because he had the best forwards out of any team in the Superxv. He just does not seem to comprehend this. The only game I have been impressed with so far this year was against Australia with Goosen at 10. Half a game against England, and an ok showing in New Zealand.  

The standard of defence for the boks this year has been poor, and just not sure why Nienabaar is not used as coach.  It is another case of sticking with the Bulls defence and attack coach. 

Their is barely any Bulls players left to choose as they have all used to the chance to play for the boks to prove they are below standard. 

I just hope that Morne Steyn is left at home. 



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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 28, 2012, 01:12:48

Sharkbok, I was also a big Dejong fan back then, but then I realised all his deficiencies. I thought he would have fixed them by now, but his centre play is still a problem. Dejong is a good open field runner and a good defender for his size, but lacks a rugby brain and the skillset to be a test 13. 


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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 28, 2012, 08:12:08

By the way - Louw played for Bath yesterday and was the Man-of-the Match.  Really an outstanding performance on his part.   Bath against all expectations won the game. 


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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 28, 2012, 11:16:57

Lu[removed] is definitely not the answer at fullback, Aplon should obviously be at fullback. He can make a transition to wing or fullback which is why he is all around better, his key strong attributes is tactical kicking and the ability to counter attack, he has pure speed. What we really need at fullback is a player that can balance the two out, attack and tactical kicking, he indeed does just that. I've seen Kirchner on many occasions do unnecessary aimless kicking out of the 22 which is really wasting opportunities, i would get rid of him immediately.

I do agree on some extent that De Jongh fails to create space at times, but i stated before thats just one aspect of an inside centre, its mostly inside centres creating for the outside centres which is why i prefer him at outside centre 13, very much like a crash ball type of player something that we've been missing since Jaque Fourie left. I don't understand some of these public opinions on Jordaan and Taute these centres are very far from it, and failed to impress. Come on guys wake up, get em out of here damn.

Arthur John

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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 28, 2012, 17:12:12

 Guys forget the old players we have to select the young guys and get them introduced to top class rugby.

There is great young talent around...use them or lose them.

The almighty dollar/pound (not Rand) will eventually prevail I'm afraid.


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RE: boks match day squad against Ireland
October 29, 2012, 15:58:47
its a tough call as the senior players are overseas based and not locally. in the long run it will be of greater value to blood the juniors quicker but that being said we as south africa set the wrong example by choosing overseas based player. i would rather try to let them sign to local teams first and then draft them in. at the present time we are inviting them to go overseas as the money is light years better there than here

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