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2785 Topic: WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban

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WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban
October 24, 2012, 13:48:30



Allister Coetzee © Gallo Images

WP bringing their own monkeys to Durban


With the Absa Currie Cup final being held in the land of those little grey-haired vervets that seem to inhabit every forested area, it seems only appropriate that much of the talk ahead of Saturday's clash is centred around monkeys on the back.

While the Sharks finally rid themselves of theirs a few years ago, the one on the backs of the hooped jerseys from the Cape is fast approaching its teenage years and is perhaps the main reason to 'back' the home side in domestic rugby's showpiece.

WP coach Allister Coetzee was asked at a press conference this week whether he felt the extra pressure of playing a home final might count against the Sharks. It seemed a reasonable question as in two successive Newlands Super Rugby semifinals there has been a perception that the weight of expectation of the home support proved too much for the Stormers.

But Coetzee was quick to wave that question away. There aren’t any monkeys on the Sharks’ backs. There may have been in 2008, when they went into a final against the Blue Bulls having lost a sequence of deciding games (two of those to WP in 2000 and 2001), but they were shaken off by a victory that ended a drought that had lasted since 1996.

Two years later, in 2010, they followed it up with another Currie Cup triumph, this time with Province their victims in the final. So far from being weighed down by any expectation or any figurative monkey acting as a debilitating influence, the Sharks have the confidence that comes with having been in this place before and won.

“I don’t think the pressure of playing at home will be a burden on the Sharks as they have faced it before and won,” said Coetzee.

“In fact they have quite an advantage through having the knowledge of what it takes to win a Currie Cup final, having done it before, and that will give them a lot of confidence. They don’t have any monkey on their back.”

Coetzee wasn’t saying his team does have a monkey, but he didn’t need to.

The need for a trophy, any kind of trophy, is becoming an obsession in Cape rugby, to the point where it may be becoming counter-productive by leading to unwise decisions, such as the recent one to rush all of the Springboks straight back into the WP starting team.

For Sharks coach John Plumtree there is the knowledge that he already has two Currie Cup titles to his name, there is no domestic drought that needs breaking, and while he would desperately like to win another, the next step for him now is really winning Super Rugby. For him, the Currie Cup should just be a stepping stone to what should now be his main quest, which is to top the South African conference in next year’s Super Rugby.

That would give the Sharks a fair chance of going all the way to the trophy they were so cruelly denied in the dying moments of the 2007 final as it would at least mean they play their play-off fixtures at home rather than do while embarking on a world tour.

But Plumtree still doesn’t appear to want any extra unnecessary pressure heaped on his team in the build-up, for he apparently tried a rather vain attempt to rid his team of the favourites tag during a press conference in Durban on Tuesday.

“That is just a way of trying to deflect the pressure off them,” said Plumtree of Coetzee’s contention that the Sharks were the best team in the competition and would thus start as favourites.

“They (WP) will be coming here to win and will be coming here with their own expectations. I don’t buy into the favourites debate at all.”

Plumtree would have to agree with me though that the only monkeys he will see in Durban today are those vervets that will be watching him from fences and trees lining the roads as he drives home from Kings Park through Glenashley and La Lucia. Whether it is a good or bad thing that his opponents on Saturday will arrive in Durban carrying another kind of monkey on their back is something we will know in a few days.


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RE: WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban
October 24, 2012, 13:49:09

 I thought it was the monkeys who were trying to get WP/Stormers off their back? 


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RE: WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban
October 24, 2012, 13:52:53


The article refers to the wrong breed of animals here - monkeys are cleverer than some of the WP players.

The problem is the "donkeys" in the WP team.   The heading should be:-

"WP bringing their own DONKEYS to Durban.   LOL


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RE: WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban
October 24, 2012, 14:02:05

As long as they're bringing primates they might as well bring Baboon-ou along as well .......





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RE: WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban
October 24, 2012, 14:10:58

Hahahhahahahahahaha rooitwit I knew you could not resist that one. Sooooo predictable!!!!

We have no monkeys on our backs the Currie Cupis a third tier comp - granted a step above Vodacom but also quite a few below Super Rugby. We are the Champion Super rugby SA side and have the trophy to prove it. As we did last year as well Bwahahahahahahhaha

Crash goes all the monkey bussiness but it is clear the guppies chest beatinbfg virus is spreading. Even Mike has been infected.

The relative position between the sharkies and WP looks at this moment likely to  worsen into the future. Its a bit like the abs/Boks story.



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RE: WP bringing their own MONKEYS to Durban
October 24, 2012, 14:46:21


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