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2770 Topic: Fans slam EP Kings 'clowns'- SuperXv Jokes!

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Fans slam EP Kings 'clowns'- SuperXv Jokes!
October 23, 2012, 05:12:07


Fans slam EP Kings 'clowns'

2012-10-22 12:38
Izak van der Merwe (Gallo Images)
Cape Town - Sport24 readers have predicted that the EP Kings will be the joke of Super Rugby next year, after their heavy loss to the Cheetahs in the first leg of their Currie Cup promotion-relegation match in Bloemfontein on Friday.

The Free State Cheetahs, who finished last in this year's Currie Cup, convincingly smashed the Kings 53-14.

Despite the absence due to injury of 13 first-team regulars for the Free State team, the EP Kings, champions of the Currie Cup First Division, never looked like causing an upset. 

The huge points difference means the Kings will have to beat the Cheetahs by at least 40 points and four tries - while denying the Cheetahs a bonus point of their own - in the second leg at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium on Friday (kick-off 19:10) if they are to advance to the Currie Cup Premier Division in 2013.

Here's what Sport24 readers had to say about the EP Kings:

"Now imagine the scores when these palookas play Super Rugby! WHAT A JOKE!"
 - Sean.Wolf3388

"No-one is saying that you can't buy players and get to a place to compete. The issue is that your spot in the Super 15 is undeserved and will be an embarrassment to everyone concerned."
 - TravieGrif

"And this team is going to play Super Rugby? Ridiculous..." - Jacobusvandermerwe

"The worst part is that the cheetahs didn't exactly play very well... They can probably break 100 when Brussow, Goosen, Coenie WP Nel, Juan etc. are back." - JVDM

"Can you imagine when they play the crusaders? at their home ground?"
 - Denis.Dendrinos

"Welcome to the big league, girls..." - Smallies

This is the average score the Kings are going to have against them, very poor, Kings won't win one game next years super 15." - justin.roper.3705

"Proves that SARU has engineered a lose-lose situation by installing the Kings in Super Rugby."
 - Clive K

"I rest my case, I see records been broken in Super Rugby next year, mark my words."
 - gwvickers

"Useless kings. They're going to be the joke of the Super 15 next year." - viva.lebok

"EP Idiots are going to get nailed in the Super 15 and I'm looking forward to every single moment." - frikdts

"I feel sorry for the Lions. Kings must earn themselves promotion.the Kings are clearly out of their depth." - Kimson Kimodo Chan

"How can we allow a team that CAN'T make Currie Cup rugby to play Super Rugby? Don't put an undeserving team into the biggest club competition the the world." - Jaymz.Hurley

"I would pay to watch the Kings get hammered by more than half a century." - Riaanvanniekerk

"If unions like the Cheetahs and Lions struggle in the SXV what will happen with the Kings?" - RVN

"I do not think it's fair to either the EP Kings players or supporters to play S15 - they are going to be the laughing stock internationally."
 - dewald marais

Was the EP Kings drubbing a sign of things to come? (Gallo Images)



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