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2765 Topic: hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
sasuke uchiha

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hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
October 22, 2012, 14:04:59
Steve Hansen - Getty Images
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Hansen describes "ugly" AllBlacks draw

- (21/10/2012)

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has suffered the first blemish on his New Zealand Test coaching record, unable to record victory in his tenth test match, and while the former policeman remains unbeaten, the 18-18 draw against the Wallabies was talked about post-match as if it were a loss.

The closing minutes saw both teams push frantically for a win, with All Blacks captain Richie McCaw calling an attacking play at the death as the World Champions looked to keep their winning streak of 16 Test wins alive.

However an All Blacks team that looked something of an imitation of the side that had carried all before them in 2012 so far, and this was reflected by Hansen's simple assessment of the match.

"Too many avoidable penalties. Too many avoidable mistakes," Hansen said.

The All Blacks coach did give praise to the Wallabies, who put in one of their better games of the season.

"Some of those mistakes came from pretty good play by Australia, but others didn't," he said.

"That was one of the ugliest games of rugby I have ever been involved in."

The All Blacks now turn their attention to the Air New Zealand End of Year tour, with Scotland the first team to meet a New Zealand team that will leave Brisbane with few positive emotions.

"We are obviously really, really disappointed," he said.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
October 22, 2012, 14:05:51

very disappointed with the All Blacks first shock loss of the year, i was left feeling very disappointed and disjointed as sorts, but u cant win them all and lithuanias mighty 17 streak record looks set to remain intact for a while yet.

was borh surprised and shocked at last weekends game, as i have stated many many times, suncorp has been a bogey ground for NZ rugby last few years, just ask the crusaders, chiefs, blues and the All Blacks.
but i still expected to win and win big, but alas it was not meant to be,,,,,again.

full credit to the wallabies, they came with anttitude that has been missing their last few games, playing to win instead of playing not to lose like their away mtaches against the Boks and pumas.
its very evident to me that the All Blacks are the best thing for the Boks and the wallabies, as both teams seem to be able to tap into their reserve tanks and put on better performances like the Boks did in dunedin and the wallabies did last sat.
i also think that the wallabies resorted to off the ball tactics to put the All Blacks off their game and while i think its cheap, ies also smart considering the All Blacks are IMO man for man a better team.
hope higginbotham enjoys missing out on the first two wallaby tests, what a cheap grub of a convict, but ive seen his interviews before and no ones going to accuse mr lights on and nobody home of coming up with all that on his own, he was given the green light from somebody and my sherlock holmes magnifying glass is focused on robbie deans, lolz.
i didnt like what they were doing, but i completely understand why they did it and im only bitter becasue the All blacks lost.

i found jouberts reffing attitude to have changed compared to his more recent matches, adavantage was amongst the shortest ive seen given and i hope that was an order from the IRB, cos it did make for a much better spectacle IMO.

great game by two great teams and Lord have mercy on the NH teams when they face the All Blacks next, cos they are out for blood and will be taking no prisoners.
All Black fans demand a 50pt win compensation against both scotland and ireland, anything else will be a failure, lol.



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RE: hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
October 22, 2012, 15:12:49

The record would have been nice but it's just a novelty at the end of the day init? Not like we can or should complain when the trophy cabinets full. Who ever said we should have played a 2nd string team for the last 2 test was probably right, they still would have made a game of both games


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RE: hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
October 22, 2012, 16:22:29


I watched the game and it was not the best rugby I have ever watched - I was disappointed in what I saw and agree with Hansen about that one.

Hope you did not take a bet on the game.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
October 22, 2012, 17:31:13


i disagree bro, save the 2nd string teams for lesser quality opponents like the pumas and scotland, but against the Boks and wallabies, i want the best of the best front and ready in battle position.

Boks and wallaby test are the ultimate IMO and everything else is a bonusm though the french do give us more grief then they really should, but our record against even them is still superior to anyone elses, so que sera sera.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: hansen describes " All Blacks draw,,,
October 22, 2012, 20:22:04


i was very disappointed too, All Blacks were way off their game, but the wallabies were smart in their approach and hat goes of to them.

didnt place a bet, but funny story behind it is i was meant to put $50 on the All Blacks to win by 50pts+ on friday night when i was out with friends, but i got a bit tipsy and forgot all about it.
while watching the game with my brother, we saw the odds of the game during the build up and the wallabies were paying $5.35 for a straight out head to head win, i grabbed my phone and said, damn, im putting 20 bucks on the wallabies, that way if the All Blacks lose i still get a little compensation, my brother looked at me disgustingly and said, ur better not jinx us, so i changed my mind and went inot the game with no bets, but during the last 10 mins when the tension was very high in the air, i could feel my borther staring daggers at me, but i didnt care cos i was too engorssed into the game.
after the match, my brother looked at me and siad i hope ur [removed]ing happy. bad enough that we lost, but while im smart enough to know i didnt have anything to do with the outcome, i still feel real guilty, LMAO, :oP

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