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2748 Topic: Sharks - Bulls game

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Sharks - Bulls game
October 20, 2012, 19:00:47

Played in very bad weather conditions - but we can congratulate the Sharks with a most convincing win.   Some players definitely did themselves no favours and the following deserve mention:-

The Bulls

*    Kirschner - good under high balls - but also achieved nothing - but gave away a penalty

*   Basson was very iffy and showed nothing

*    Engelbrecht got the ball twice and spilled it both times.   For the rest he did nothing.  Very poor game.

*    Morne Steyn was poor and his kicking game not good at all - easily fieldable because it was normally too far.

*    Vermaak - iffy game.   Hougard - I think we now know why he should not played at scrummie.   He made one break and then was robbed of the ball by Reinach.   Two charge down kicks within minutes from each other - one ultimmately leading to the Mvovo try.   

*    The Bulls forwards were very poor - bar Van der Merwe who a few times showed some signs of life.   The rest ws comprehensively out played by the Sharks forwards.

The Sharks

*    Lu[removed] was in comprison to Kirschner a real star.

*   Pietersen - Excellent game

*    Mvovo - very good game

*   Jordaan made some telling tackles and quick nd accurate passing - Good game

*    Mvovo - very good when attacking.

*    Lambie was phenominal - the key to the Sharks victory.   He really is an outstanding flyhalf.

*    Reinach comprehensively outplayed both Vermaak and Hougaard.   A real investment for the future.

*   The forwards were very good and controlled the game virtually throughout the 80 minutes.

In essence - it was a comprehensive voictory by the Sharks and a real indicator who should be and who should not be in the End of Year Tour team.   


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RE: Sharks - Bulls game
October 20, 2012, 20:34:25

 Thanks for the Match report cleverMike, I was not able to watch the game.

It sounds like the Sharks beat the Bulls easily. Lambie had proven he should have been playing flyhalf earlier this season when Goosen was not available.  Hopefully he is the starting 10. Given that Goosen is going to be out for sometime, and we need at least 2 top quality flyhalfs Lambie should focus at 10. 

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