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2719 Topic: Championship

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October 18, 2012, 05:38:55

I have been watching the games with real interest and am delighted that thus far the Lions and Titans won 4 out of 4 games played.

What is really puzzling to me is the performance of the Indian teams in the competition.

*   The Delhi Daredevils played 1 and won 1

*   The Mumbai Indians played 1 and lost 1

*   The Chennai Suoer Kings played 2 and lost 2

*   The Kolkata Knight Riders played 3 - lost 2 and 1 no result.

The latter team won the IPL last year and should have been the top contenders for the trophy - but is now totally out of contention.   The Chennai Super Kings will have to win both their remaining games convinvingly and hope the Lions lose against Yorkshire to even get anywhere near the next round of the competition    That really is a lot to ask for.

The Mumbai Indians will have to win all three there remaining games to even be in conteion for the next round - an unlikely scenario at best and they must also hope that the Lions lose to Yorkshire.

That leaves the Delhi Dredevils as the only Indian team with a realisitc chance to reach the next round of the competition  

At this stage it looks like the teams with the best chance of going through to the next round  of the competition would be -

 *   The Delhi Daredevils

 *   The Highveld Lions

 *   The Sydney Sixers

*    The Titans

All the above teams - except the Delhi Darefevils - need only one more win to proceed to the next round, whilst the other contenders need two or three wins to proceed to the next round.   In many respects the two games today would provide a better indication as to the teams proceeding to the next round.   Go Lions go - you can do it.

By the way the Titans have an uphill battle to go through.   They will have to beat either the Delhi Daredevils or the Kolkata Knight Riders to go through to the next round.   Lets hope for the best in their case.




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RE: Championship
October 18, 2012, 15:22:59

 I have a suspition that the reason the Indian teams are not doing well might be because of the conditions. We have faster pitches here than in India, the Ausie teams might do better just a suspition maybe. Plus the SA teams are at home, we would expect them to do well.


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RE: Championship
October 19, 2012, 06:56:53


It may be the pitches as you say - vut the weather has also played havoc with their campaign.   Now the match of the Mumbai Indians have been rained out as well.   Their only hope now is that the Lions loses their game against Yotkshire for them to fo through - provided theey win their remaining to matches.

The pitch may be the reason - but the IPL teams are riddled with foreign players that should be more familiar with faster pitches.   The other reason probably is that the high number of foreigners in the Indian teams have led to a situation where the players have not yelled into a team at all. 

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