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2682 Topic: Must be painful supporting SA
World Champs

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Must be painful supporting SA
October 15, 2012, 06:21:24
My posts have been [removed] due to profanity, racial remarks and slander.


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RE: Must be painful supporting SA
October 15, 2012, 07:04:52

World Champs

Loyalty in adverse cir[removed]stances is not a negative - it also entails support of moves to improve the situation.   Your ideas - such as your comments on getting some asistance from New Zealand or from anywhere else in the world to overcome present deficiencies - have been supported and even raised by SA supporters on this Board.

Your comments in the latter regard are really positive aand much appreciated.   

Incidentally I watched a repeat of the Heineken Cup match between Leicester and Toulouse last night.   I have never seen anything as bad as that.   The ball goes to the flyhalf - both sides - and he kicks.    The same rubbish  tendency as displayed by Morne Steyn - but aggravated ten times.   The Toulouse flyhalf was McAllister.   I am sure he did not develop that rubbish in New Zealand - or they got rid of him because of that type of rubbish in the way he played.   No offence meant - please.

Yes we certainly can use the help of New Zealand coaches and hope that Meyer would realize that.     


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