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2667 Topic: Sharks Game against Griquas

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Sharks Game against Griquas
October 12, 2012, 22:03:52

I enjoyed to see a wonderful game of running rugby by the Sharks.   Lambie was the key to the very food performance by the backline.   The running game originated from Lambie and the way he read the game and hanfled the situation was so good that he no doubt the man of the match award.   He had very good service from Reinach - who initiated to brilliant moves that in one case let to a try scored by himself and the second to a converted penalty.

Pietersen was in all respect brilliant on the wing and worked very hard on both attack and defence - he really was classy.    Jordaan played a very good game - especially in defence where he made numerous degensive tackles that blunted poteencol Griqua attacks and one of the best resulted in a turnover as the result of a vry hard tackle.   He was also very good in linlking with other players and in effective passing of the ball both to his inside and to the players outside of him.

Lu[removed] on attack looked very good in arracking play and used opportunities  afforded to him excellently.

Of the players that came back from the Springbok squad - Coetzee was excellent - both in defence and attack.   Ge made countless effective tackles.    Daniels had an average game and also was yellow-carded.   He tried his utmost - but the yellow-card really typified his performance.    Burden initiated a beautiful break - but then turned shelfish and did not pass the ball - which would have led to a certain try.   He also spilled a ball.   

However, in vierw of the problems we have in the flyhalf position - I paid special attention to Lambie's performance.  He started off badly by making a break and then spilling the ball in a rackle situation.   Thereafter he sharpened up and played a really top game.   He had a hand in all the Shark devastating backline plays and I think he is in fact the player the Sprinboks can use to best advantage as flyhalf.  until Goosen comes back from injury.   His goalkicking was effective - althouh he missed three kicks at goal - but he still comtributed 17 points in comverting tries and penalties - from my perspective that was gppd eenough as well..   The one case which could be criticized is where he did not kick the ball out - when the Sharks was awarded a penalty.   His initial mistake and even the penalty kick seemingly was the result of lack of matchplay over the past three months. 

Top marks to Lambie, Pietersen, Reinach, Lu[removed]  and Jordaan insofar as performance is concerned..        

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