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2665 Topic: To much of the same results in boring matches

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To much of the same results in boring matches
October 12, 2012, 17:45:59

We are coming to the final part of a very long and exhausting season for both players and fans. Springbok fans had to endure a tough international season the boks sputtered and splotched to try and get into gear to take on the likes of the top Southern Hemisphere teams. Well if your national team isn’t doing that well then at least we can look forward to the currie cup games. Not really, I’m not sure if anybody else feels the same, but I really don’t care for the current games to be played in the currie cup and who is going to win it. We had to put up with weaker teams all season playing sub standard rugby and at the same time having to sit on this see saw between the same 5 teams, although I have been actually supporting Griquas rather than my own WP team as the play one inconsistent game after another. For me watching pretty much the same 5 teams play all season has become extremely boring to watch. I would rather enjoy seeing the currie cup play all of the provinces then having to watch another dull affair. With all of these excessive derbies I feel that it has lost its value. 

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