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2664 Topic: Salute South African king of world tennis

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Salute South African king of world tennis
October 12, 2012, 16:15:32

Ex Supersport

SA/Swiss legend Roger Federer has consistently ripped up the record books during his glittering career but his latest landmark – 300 weeks at No 1 – is one of his proudest achievements.

The 31-year-old was forced to dig deep to reach his triple century, coming back from the brink of defeat to beat Davis Cup teammate Stanislas Wawrinka on Thursday to make the quarterfinals of the Shanghai Masters.

For a long time it appeared that Federer, overtaken by younger rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, would never return to top spot – leaving him agonisingly short of Pete Sampras's record of total weeks at No 1.

Used to regularly picking up Grand Slam wins, Federer went nine majors without a title, fuelling speculation he was a fading force.

But his Wimbledon triumph this year pulled him level with the American great on a record seven titles at the All England Club and catapulted him back to the top of the rankings. A week later he overtook Sampras's mark of 286 weeks.

"It's obviously an amazing number. I never thought of something like this when I was a little kid, that's for sure," said a relieved Federer after his narrow escape against Wawrinka.

"I was just hoping one day my dream was going to come true to play on the regular tour, play Wimbledon, maybe become world No 1 at some stage.

"So here I am at 300 weeks. It's pretty incredible. Probably one of my biggest accomplishments. I'm very proud of that record, no doubt about it."

Federer first became world No 1 in February 2004. For a record 237 consecutive weeks, until August 2008, he was top dog, dominating the sport with seemingly effortless grace.

Holder of a record 17 Grand Slam titles, the Swiss said he could still vividly recall the excitement of reaching the pinnacle for the first time.

"It's not one of those moments that happens and then you forget. It took me a lot of great performances to get there," he said.

"It was for me back then sort of the ultimate accomplishment next to winning Wimbledon. That all happened in a span of sort of nine months, which was so intense, huge relief in some ways, but a big satisfaction.

"Yeah, here I am eight years later, even more. It's pretty special. Obviously I lost the world No 1 ranking a few times but I also stayed a long time once I got there.

"I always felt tennis was easier for me playing as world No 1 than actually getting there."

Federer said reaching 300 weeks as No 1 – which he will achieve when the next rankings are released on Monday – was reward for all the hard work he had put in over the years.

"I never give up. Show up, tired, injured, doesn't matter how I felt mentally so many times over the years. It's gotten to this incredible number of 300. It's a great reward for me.

"I feel a great sense of satisfaction because of that incredible number and because of all the effort I've put into it. I know how much work it has been. It's not easy to stay at the top for so long."

Well done  to our Roger - greatest player ever bar possibly Laver. What a work ethic  - I mean how often has he been injured?

He would have been a bit better and won a few more French opens if he had played the double fisted backhand, great though his single handed backhand was. The man is an true artist but I do think Djokovic now has his number and will dominate tennis for the next few years.

Can Djokovic, Nadal or Murray catch him re grand slams - no they cant. Our man Roger's record will not be broken soon.

Go Roger a couple more grand slams!! 20 would be magical - 3 more to go but its a long shot

Do nz play tennis? 




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RE: Salute South African king of world tennis
October 12, 2012, 17:18:36

Huge stretch here Hasbeen. I was just listening to a Federer interview. Seems the biggest influence SA had on his tennis, other than his mother's genes, was a Wilson racket his dad brought back from a South African business trip. I have never heard him claim kinship in any way.


In any case  Roger is probably younger physically than Nadal....and may be younger than the Joker. With his light upper body and over proportioned legs, he has no difficulty carrying his weight. And his reflexes have always been lightning fast....that's a gift. I recently saw an eighty seven year old woman catch a glass that was knocked off the table before it hit the ground. Quick reflexes never go away completely.


That said the grind of a major is very tough mentally. But now that he has won a miracle come back major....the next one will be easier.


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RE: Salute South African king of world tennis
October 12, 2012, 22:08:25

 Beeno. We do play tennis in NZ, but very poorly!


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RE: Salute South African king of world tennis
October 12, 2012, 22:43:53

Don't worry, we neither, why do you think we need to claim a Swiss star for ourselves. The SA connection is nice, but that's all it is, a connection,


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RE: Salute South African king of world tennis
October 13, 2012, 05:52:19


Wrong here - Federer has a home in Krysna and also owns a deep sea fishing boat there.   He spends his time there in the December holiday period and his favourite relaxation is deep sea fishing and playing golf.   

He also stayed for a while between ages 9 and 11 with his uncle Muller (an engineer) in Kempton Park - who gave him his first tennis racket,   He started playing at that stage and afterwards moved back with his mother to Switzerland.   That was info provided by his uncle - when Federer invited him to Wimbledon about three years ago,

There is in fact a much closer tie between Federer and South Africa than  implied by you     


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RE: Salute South African king of world tennis
October 13, 2012, 07:45:46

Mike the good Dr Moz is way out here. I mean given his mother is half South African we can claim half of the guy surey. Plus of course Moz contradicts himself because the genes are half South African. Way to little credit is given to the SA connection.


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