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2604 Topic: Where are you - Saffex

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Where are you - Saffex
October 08, 2012, 20:53:39

We really need you in our desperate situation to get positive advice.  Mozart is writing off all the younger players -  Beeno is living and dreaming in cloud cuckioo land - and I am in the middle.   Critical support required - they  even want Morne Steyn back and I said I will never watch a test match again with Morne on the field   I can really do with some support around here.   LOL


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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 08, 2012, 21:47:17

Who wants Morne back????

SA has the most fickle supporters ever!

  • We all begged for Goosen. he hardly did anything wrong... but now we want Skop Steyn back!
  • We were all so happy when taute got the nod... Now some are saying he should never wear the Bok jumper again!
  • Same with Pienaar.... though i have to agree that i'm no fan of his!
  • So many of us begged for Coenie.... he played a bad 20 minutes... and now most people never want to see him again!


Come on fellas! Where are all the true supporters? Those who know a little bit bout rugby!...
Where are those deep thinkers?


Im tired of all you "yes men" who love the ride of a bandwagon!

Get off it, grow some balls and be consistent in your opinions!


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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 08, 2012, 21:47:37

U in the middle of Bean brain and Wigboy (aka mozart)?


Not a good place 2 be! bean Brain thinks a 10 point loss to the ABs is something to celibrate and Wigboy cant tell F Hougard from Taute.





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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 09, 2012, 00:20:00

Laughing your rooi aas off?


Mike I repeat again for your edification.....I do not want Steyn back. He was primarily a sniper and he now has the jitters. But ....and this was my point....Goosen and Jantjies were not contributing  as much as Steyn did at his best. Jantjies was a poorer version of Steyn out there and Goosen looked a lot like Gaffie with those horribly botched kicks. Mental failures tend to be hard to fix.


Face it....the youngsters have been flopping all Championship....apart from the home Aussie test.


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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 09, 2012, 07:38:21


Come now - I was playing the fool here - that was meant by the LOL at the end.

I really want to get some comments from A girl after the disaster on Saturday - that would make for a really funny joke.


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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 09, 2012, 08:33:03

Mike I find your take on the match we had against the OZ oaks in the wc among the the daftest I have read.

After we thumped the abs in Dunedin in all but the scoreboard it was clear to me the abs are on the skids. Their world cup form was poor but getting hammered in all facits ofthe game at Dunedin was an eye opener. Nothing ha changed this view. The ab pack is second rate and declining.They won in Soweto simply becuase we have a shambles at the moment in the backline and our goal kicking woes continue.

I would agree  with you that the abs have some serious problems. Lets hope they stick to trying to keep macaaaw in the picture come 2015. He is average now and will be a no hopper by then. Man I do hope they stick with this side!!!!

Those writing off Taute have made another mistake. Taute must simply play where he is best suited and most needed - at fullback.

Moz writing off a guy like Goosen who will still be under 21 next year is patently absurd. I didnt see Jantjes do too much wrong in his stint. The good Dr Mozzzzz was also making disaparaging comments about Coenie and Marcell. Hahahahahahahahahaha -  do we have another Jaque Fourie story developing re Taute, Goosen , Marcell and Coenie!!!  Please Moz no more bee in bonnet stuff. Take bonnet off and allow bee to fly away!



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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 09, 2012, 10:05:15

beendong - loved how in Soweto how we owned your forwards and backs and really gave your younglings a lesson or ten Taute, goosen, kirchner,all uselees


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RE: Where are you - Saffex
October 09, 2012, 10:21:31

 Hey look..there goes this chump again with that useless word...of course he can call other players useless because he is a decorated international rugby champ, ur hatred towards South Africans is a laugh...lets refrain from calling people who have achieved more in 1 afternoon than u have in your entire pitiful life useless...


if u want to use the word, do so when describing your abilities to comment on rugby. That my friends is being OWNED!!

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