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2593 Topic: The Bok issues are easily resolved

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The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 10:05:44

for the most part.

Firstly get in a backline coach and Nieaber to sort out the defence.

Bring in Rassie to do the anaysis and tactical planning.

Get in proper player management of the Bok squad. Central contracting or by some other means.

Here is a sqaud of 30 players to use in 2013:

Kitshoff, Beast, Bissie, Strass, Coenie and Jannie

Flip, Etzebeth, Elsatdt and Bekker (Elstadt can be considered also as a 7)

Fourie , Louw, Vermuelen, CJ Stander, Alberts, Burger

Hougaard, Vermaak

Lambie, Morne

Frans, Jean, Du Plessis, Jordaan

Habana, JP, Rhule vVn Der Heever

Taute, Kirchner

A nice blend ofyouth and experience

A starting 15.

Kitshoff, Bissie, Coenie (like to see how they go)

Flip. Etzebeth (Our two most physical locks)

Louw, Vermuelen and Burger (7)

Hougaard, Lambie,

Frans, Du Plessis (This one is open to (Super 15 form)

Habana, JP and Taute

It is quire clear Taute has to move back to 15

Jannie and Beast are very much part of the picture. However it will be interesting to see how Coenie and Kitshoff do. What is certain we cannot play Jannie and Beast into the ground like they have been this year.

There has to be some rotation. When you look at the 30 players one can see there is no reason why there cant be some rotation. Also it is imperative that the franchies do not overplay these guys.

Another experiment is this. If we find our pack is dominant we might want to play try playing Louw at 7, Fourie at 6. That would mean we have Bissie, Coenie, Louw and Fourie all very good on the ground. These little experiments need to be conducted.

The most problematic areas are finding a center replacement for Jean - who best to pick. Also to sort out the scrummie spot.  It  is settled in my mind that Taute is the man for 15. Frans. JP and Habana pick themselves. Lambie should get  a shot I believe at the flyhalf berth which means he must play flyhalf for the sharkies.

Anyone doubting the depth of Bok rugby talent should think again. There are others who could easily be added a being capable of playing test rugby.

All Black NZ

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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 10:32:21

Wow just like that.  Lucky for us you aren't in charge of the SARU.  Have you considered letting them know.


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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 11:09:21

Yep just like that. abnz.  Put me in chage and I would sort ou the basics in a few days. You could move forward my date of 2014 to 2013. Hahahahahaha

Justin is right  we are dominating so much of the game against nz all we need to is plug a few gaps and bingo.


World Champs

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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 11:45:10

yep plug those gaps where the abs seem to run through all the time hahahahahahaha


but you are right beendong meyer should just contract you on as I heard they needed some one to clean the bok undies after all the [removed]e they listen too from their coach and supporters hahahahahahHAhahaha


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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 12:11:22

 The only way for the Boks to resolve their issues Beeno is to take up another sport and leave rugby to the ABs.

All Black NZ

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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 12:28:33


All Blacks v All Teams    
South Africa 85 48 34 3 1612 1313 56.47
World XV 3 2 1 0 94 69 66.67
Australia 145 99 41 5 2841 1947 68.28
France 51 38 12 1 1242 672 74.51
British Lions 38 29 6 3 634 345 76.32
England 34 27 6 1 810 424 79.41
Wales 28 25 3 0 849 281 89.29
Scotland 28 26 0 2 825 294 92.86
Argentina 16 15 0 1 693 210 93.75
Ireland 27 26 0 1 788 288 96.30
Pacific Islanders 1 1 0 0 41 26 100.00
Portugal 1 1 0 0 108 13 100.00
Romania 2 2 0 0 99 14 100.00
USA 2 2 0 0 97 9 100.00
Japan 2 2 0 0 228 24 100.00
Tonga 4 4 0 0 279 26 100.00
Western Samoa 5 5 0 0 308 56 100.00
Canada 5 5 0 0 313 54 100.00
Fiji 5 5 0 0 364 50 100.00
Italy 11 11 0 0 644 108 100.00
  493 373 103 17 12869 6223 75.66

World dominance this is what it looks like.


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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 12:46:36

nz oaks those starts mean little really. Since isolation we have laboured with may problems here eg appointment of pdv when we had a very nice team etc etc etc.

A truer reflection of strength is the pre isolation era where we are ahead of you in tests. It isa truer reflection because it is over a longer period than the post isolation period where we have had distict non rubgy related issues bedevilling the game. Pre isolation we did not have coaches like pdv or quota players. It can also be said that if we had been able to select on merit in the pre isolation period we would have been even better as we would hav ebeen strengthen by some balck players - so even preisolation we suffered.

So at no time in our history has merit been the criteria. However even when merit was only applied to whites we had your number. When we get our house in order and select on merit you oaks are done for.

You have been at an advantage not only via bent refs but also because of our internal difficulties. That is why Eddie Jones made the comment he did.  We are the kings who will return and the normal order of things will again be establsihed as they were for those 70 long years years. However it will probably be wors  for the abs as we will have black players adding to the cause - on merit. Once merit is adopted throughout our rrugby system there will be no stopping us. 

The same goes for our economy and everthing in the country. Corrupt cadre deployment has cost us many Billions. Auditor General says R30 billion is lost each year due to corrupot government procurement etc etc etc.

We are competing with one hand tied behind out back. We desparately needed a top class backline coach but get a 4th tier Vodacom coach to coach the Boks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No we have to adopt merit as the overarching approach and adopt total professionalism in our rugby admin etc. Get it right and we will be on top - no doubt about it. ou pdv set us back 4 years!!!!!!

All Black NZ

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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 13:05:22

You have over 630,000 players and 110,000 senior males playing the game compared to our 137,000 and only 37,000 senior males.  The above table covers the whole history of our game so is a definitive reflection.

Did South Africa give test status to the Cavaliers Tour NZRU didnt. In which case that would close the gap by 2 on your Stats.  Somehow pdv had a good record against us. 6 - 7 I think.


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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 13:20:39
PdV managed 5 wins vs the ABs, more than any Bok coach since Doc Craven.


Bean Brain owned again!!!! Its too easy!!


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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 15:01:02

Allow me to explain. Say my potential is to win 10 out of ten and I win 5 out of ten. Would I have fullfilled my potential.  Obviously not.

ou pdv inherited a strong side with plenty of talent coming up. However he did no planning had no clue and now Meyer is tryig to pick up the pieces. Had ou pdv been a real coach he could have had a splendid time and crushed the hapless abs.

By the way you do know that Smit, matfield and Fourie Du Preez ran the show. Hence we had both Smit and matfield in the side when they should have been out.

That said thanks largely to Rassie pulling things together the WC side was still good enought to win the world cup. The performace gainst Oz was the most dominant I have seen apart from the time Carel Duplessis side whipped them. The abs were medocre as the fairly weak  French side showed in the final.

Hope thatstraightens out the crooked thinking but I doubt it.

Beeno labours on

Arthur John

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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 16:02:40


              Your method of solving the Bok issue is going from the frying pan straight into the fire.

'             Understanding that you are a Stormers supporter....I wish to comment.

              Your plan will make just about all the Stormers players Springboks as opposed to HM Bulls.

              Fourie and v d Heever are not Springbok/International players and without upsetting you to much neither are many others you mentioned.

              Coenie, Beast and Jannie should be dropped as the last two are pass their best and Coenie is a liability with penalties conceded in each and every game.

            The two young Free State wings (can't recall their names) who played in the SA under 21 squad recently are players  who should be considered as well as the Griquas winger.

             I think to much attention is directed to the Sharks, Stormers and Bulls players for selection at a cost to SA rugby as a whole.

            Selection on merit and no more Flip Flopping around with old geyzers.......




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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 16:07:48

There will be no dropping of Jannie and Beast. These guys are battle weary but our scrum was good and they had great games in Dunedin. Our younger props look to be Coenie and Kitshoff. They must be introduced next year. Coenie if he can master the tighthead could take over from Jannie next year.

Name the Stormers players I am including and who should not be in a squad of 30 AJ.


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RE: The Bok issues are easily resolved
October 08, 2012, 17:12:46

 Wow, has anyone dined out on a 10 point loss more than ou Beenkop...pathetic.

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