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2570 Topic: Player Assessment

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Player Assessment
October 07, 2012, 02:43:03

Adter looking at the game a second time I have now made up my mind about the assessment of the players:-

15   Kirchner       -       4 

14   Habana       -        6

13   Taute          -        2

12   De Villiers   -        6

11   Hougaard    -       4

10   Goosen      -        5         Jantjies      2

9    Pienaar       -        6

8    Vermeulen           7

7   Alberts          -       5

6   Louw                     7

5   Bekker                  5

4   Etzebeth               7

3   Du Plessis            6

2  Struass                  6

1  Beast                    6

Of the bench players I already indicated the rating of Jantjies.   

Lambie                     5

De Jongh                 4

Coetzee                   5

Oosthuizen              5

Liebenberg              4

In general the forwards did their part - but some of the backine players were atrocious.             


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RE: Player Assessment
October 07, 2012, 03:33:06

Mike you have a lot right here....but honestly....Etzebeth was more like a 5, the Coetzee you gave a 5 was closer to the truth.....I would have made it a 4. And poor Coenie, hopelessly struggling in the scrums and leaking penalties, 3 would be generous. Taking this kid with a questionable neck, from loosehead to tighthead to play the ABs, might just be the worst coaching call of the year.

Arthur John

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RE: Player Assessment
October 07, 2012, 05:23:51

 I fear that the Bok coaching staff are in over their heads.

No game plan, poor selection and implementation and with a transformational (Bok)  bachline coach they are going nowhere in a hurry.

Shame, shame, shame.

I trust that all you Jantjies supporters now see the players "skill" level at work. Shocking by any standards.

World Champs

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RE: Player Assessment
October 07, 2012, 05:36:29


It was the Bok forwards that made the game the tight contest it was in the first half but as we all know rugby goes for 80 minutes. Louw battled hard but didnt quite have the effect he was envisaging as this time around the AB's were manning up and hitting the Boks hard. We didnt see the real aggression from the Boks that we were tols there would be? Not to sure if some of the young Boks got a bit of stage fright?


They certainly gave the Boks a lesson in both attack and defence but most importantly how to suck up pressure and not panic. The Boks lead the penalty count by a massive 12 to 4 and still couldnt make it count.


Goosen has obviously not recovered from his early injury and it may be worrying for SA if they start pushing this kid afterall he has only just come back from 4 months rugby and with the very limited time he has had in test rugby he has already injured himself twice. Looks like he has some glass in his body not good for his longterm prospects if he is going to be prone to injury - hope he's not a softee I would like to see him have a good go!




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RE: Player Assessment
October 07, 2012, 05:39:49

I think the score on Goosen is far too low. When he left the field the backline became a shambles. Ok the All black got the 2nd try with him on the field, but he was injured and should have been substituted as he could not run. Goosen did not do much wrong and if he was not injured I think the score would have been much less. Not sure when he got inujured, if it was not the tackle on Sam Witlock. Just hard to see how it is a re-occuring injury on his heel in such a tackle. --

Goosen does need to do some conditioning work in the gym. He is a bit too thin for test rugby combined with his age. Jean Devilliers started as a thin kid but was able to bulk up for the tackles

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