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2548 Topic: A bold Bok supporter

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A bold Bok supporter
October 05, 2012, 13:12:40

wrote this on Keo

Allow me to open your eyes and wake you up a little (sounds a bit like Beeno!!). The Boks have a new head coach and management. With new coaches and management comes new styles, new rules, new everything. How it will impact a team and the time it takes before positive results show depends on how good the new management and coaching staff are.

New coaches and management will unsettle a team and affect their results, any team. Allow yourself to imagine removing all the current All Black coaching staff and team management and and swapping them with the current Bok management and coaching team or the other way around. The All Black or Bok results will instantly be affected in a bad way. Sure even a fool will agree to that. Now, let’s forget about previous Springbok coach De Villiers and his coaching staff as the whole world even non rugby followers knows that he was a clown and didn’t have a clue and didn’t belong there. The new Springbok coach and management team however are not clowns. They are the real deal. They are what the All Black guru’s would fear and with good reason. They know what they doing and they know where they going. Heyneke is no clown. He is a rugby brain with immense talent that the Bok supporters have longed for since Nick Mallet was replaced as coach.

Glimpses of him and his coaching staff brilliance was shown in the last test in Dunedin and the last test against the Wallabies. Now let’s forget about injuries here as the Wallabies have as many as the Boks. The Bok performance in Dunedin and last test against the Wallabies confirms what very few are starting to realize. This Bok side without all the so called top players not only has the potential (but not consistently showing it yet) to beat anyone, but in fact this current Bok side as a result of a great head coach and coaching staff aren’t joking when they claim that they will be the best team in world rugby. They are the real deal even though many don’t see it yet! I do. I didn’t think it will happen so quickly after new coach and management but it is happening whether you like it or not. (Guys I did not write this I promise!)

So here is a calculated prediction for you for Saturday. This current second string Bok side (even though in my mind under Heyneke not second string as he has a unrivalled skill in bringing out the best in everyone) will not only beat the All Blacks on Saturday, they will hammer them and will win by at least 15 points. Write this down, copy this post and mark my words carefully. Oh I know I will be one of very few willing to make a statement like this, but there are very few people who actually know what the new coach is capable to get from his players.

A new era is about to begin, the signs are there, jump on is going to be a hell of a ride. The Springboks will dominate world rugby as long as Heyneke is there, forget about targeting Goosen or Habana or Taute as the media suggested earlier this week, Heyneke will be the All Blacks worse fear for years to come.

Again I insist I didnt write this piece - I was just well ahead of the game!!. But it i s a leasure to see some are reading the signs - the writing is on the wall! Hahahahahahahaha

Hey ragtad dont ask me how I do it as its a trade secret - intellectual capital boet! Ou snapster is making slow progress so I will not comment about him.


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RE: A bold Bok supporter
October 05, 2012, 13:27:20

Ex keo

Thanks Beeno


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RE: A bold Bok supporter
October 05, 2012, 13:55:45

My pleasure chippo - hope it wasn't too long?

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