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2531 Topic: meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
sasuke uchiha

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meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
October 03, 2012, 16:16:43
Heyneke Meyer - Getty Images
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Meyer wary of playing the AllBlacks at their own game

James Mortimer - (3/10/2012) - comments 34 Comments

While the Springboks looked to express themselves with some sound attacking play in their 31-8 win over the Wallabies, they are wary about bringing the same open approach to Soweto.

Springboks coach Heyneke Meyer would have no doubt [removed]ysed the tapes where Argentina tried to be more expansive against the All Blacks, and perhaps this approach led to their downfall as the World Champions stretched their legs.

Meyer felt that the Springboks could not hope to defeat the All Blacks by playing them at their own game.

"You will never beat New Zealand at their own game,” he said.

“(And) you'll never out-run them.”

“You have to put pressure on them, especially at the breakdown, in defence and with your kicking game."

Meyer said that the side did take their chances against the Wallabies, but said that doing so against the All Blacks was crucial if they were to win.

"We were clinical at times (against Australia),” he said.

“But we'll need to be even more clinical against the All Blacks and if the game opens up, probably use the ball even more.”

Meyer felt that the Springboks put in their best game in Pretoria against the Wallabies, but said the All Blacks, despite their offensive prowess, were just as good without the ball in hand.

"It was a good performance, definitely the most satisfying of the year,” he said.

“That was the type of rugby we want to play. Our defence was also the best it's been the whole year. We had 96 per cent completion rate and only missed seven tackles.

"New Zealand like to run from deep, they have great game-breakers and they are a settled side, so obviously we will want to create space and get quick ball. But they are a quality side and it will be difficult to create opportunities against them because they have a solid defence and they have had the same personnel for five or six years. So we have to be more patient, tactically astute and build phases."

sasuke uchiha

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RE: meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
October 03, 2012, 16:28:43

the Boks are still playing a very one dimensional game IMO, an extension of the  Bok plans in the past.
forwards muscle and bully control of the ball, while the 9/10 coordinate the attacks based on the platform set up by their big men.

its true the Boks were effective at doing this in dunedin, but if anyone seriously thinks that the All Blacks will play with the same level of intensity and more importantly the same level of execution, then they are seriously deluded, but hey fot all i know the All blacks could play worse then they did in dunedin, so u never know, but if u were a betting man, would u really bet on the ABs to play the same or (God forbid) even worse???

the Bok forwards dominant display over the wallabies was impressive, but come on, that wallabies team would struggle against the scots or the pumas.
the wallabies wins in 2012 have been close and they have had to fight tooth and nail while pouring out buckets load of blood sweat and tears. IMO i wouldnt read too much of the Boks victory into that match, juts like i wouldnt read too much of the All Blacks past achievements this year heading into sowetto.

the match is going to be a big one, IMO playing the Boks in SA is the best rugby match in the world and the Boks as always will be hard a cement truck like they always are playing in their backyard, but the All Blacks arent the most successful team EVER for nothing.
IMO All Blacks by 13, but will be close up to the 60-65 min mark, before we close up shop.



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RE: meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
October 03, 2012, 17:53:50

The boks were playing a one dimensional game with Morne. This is not the case with Goosen at 10. 

We do need to put pressure on the All Blacks because IMO the All Blacks and many New Zealand Super15 sides do not have great defences. The positional play of the backs when under pressure is not great. 

The try that Habana got in New Zealand was all to easy, like taking candy from a baby. 

Fast multi-phase rucks to pull in tacklers and rolling mauls should be the order of the day. Then either punch through or go wide for the space of All Blacks out of position. 

sasuke uchiha

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RE: meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
October 03, 2012, 20:41:28


i dont agree with comments that All Blacks adn NZ spXV teams dont have great defence, IRC table alone has the All Blacks conceding less tries and points then the Boks, pumas and wallabies, to say nothing of the fact that the All Blacks kept the wallabies down to zero, is testemant to their defence.

while habanas try was a piece of individual brillinace, it hardly defines the defence of the All Blacks.
habana gets a nice poped ball from pienaar after a messy lineout, he then cuts through  the weakest tackle attempt from aaron smith before a litlle kick over the top which he regathers for the Boks one and only try.
if that try was like taking candy from a baby, then aaron smiths try was like taking candy from a sleeping baby.
then there was the try that dagg scored when Boks defence was found wanting. after a few phases of play, dagg cuts up the line and whitelock and read then put the All Blacks superior mobility on show and the Boks simply could do nothing but watch in awe as dagg dotted down over the tryline.

end of the day, the Boks had 51% possesion and 54% territory, yet the All Blacks scored two tries to one, with the Boks only try coming from habana a player who the All Blacks usually marks 9 times out of 10 with great efficency.

and here are some spXV numbers which begs to differ on ur argument about NZ teams being poor on defence too
top 6 teams for points conceded
1 stormers - 254
2 brumbies - 331
3 crusaders - 343
4 reds - 347
5 sharks - 348
6 chiefs - 358

top 7 teams for tries conceded
1 stormers - 21
2 chiefs - 30
3 highlanders, sharks, brumbies - 31
4 crusaders, reds - 34

theres very little between SA and NZ confence to say that defence is an issue, considering how similar the two are.

as for the attacking stats, well i dont need to show u the numbers, im sure u can guess who leads those stats with a little too much ease. :P


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RE: meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
October 03, 2012, 20:58:44


I have no real idea at all about what kind of game plan the Springboks will play on Saturday and I don't think anybody really knows.   That is a problem for the All Blacks as well - especially from a defence point of view. 

What is evident that they will counter a running game like the All Blacks played against Argentina - by forcing a tighter type of game on the part of the All Blacks.   If the All Balvk forwards stand around in the backline the Sproinbgboks will dominate up front and maul them out of existence - so they wull be forced to play a much tighter game.

I do suspect that Meyer will instruct the players to read the game they play according to the defensive strategies of the All Blacks -  but unliike in the past with Morne Steyn where the game was totally predictable from a defensive perspective, it is not so this time around.   Lets sum it up - nobody really knows what would happen and nobody would let out anything that could be used by the All Blavks to the disadvantage of the Springboks.   There may be ome general comments like those in the newspaper article - but nothing specific..   


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RE: meyer wary of playing the All Blacks at their own game,,,
October 03, 2012, 21:16:54

One reason the AB's played poorly in Dunedin was the play of the Boks. If the Boks play the same way they did in Dunedin, hit their kicks, and have goosen out there, I believe it will be a bok victory..... Either way, it's going to be close.


With Goosen on the field, it makes the AB's defence actually have to react a little bit, and not just know what's coming. 


I can't wait for this game!

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