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2515 Topic: One for the kiwi's!

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One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 11:40:59

 Hey, how many of you kiwi's watched your premier rugby show tonight "reunion?" 

Did you note the words from your most decorated and longest serving commentator Grant Nisbett in his [removed]yses of the boks vs Ab's? For those that missed it, I will quote him!


"let's cast our minds back to Dunedin and if they had kicked a couple penalties down there, they could very well have won that game! I thought in the overall context when u looked at that game, they probably deserved to win it."


that my friends, comes from a man who knows his rugby. He also went on to mention the boks being the ab's greatest rugby foe. Some younger folk think it is the wallabies but it is definitely the boks and they hate to lose to us...that's his words not mine...I think the realisation is that if the boks could outplay nz in nz with the shocking game plan we had stern executing, then the ab's are in for serious trouble this weekend


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 11:57:43

 sigh - all this chest beating is going end in tears and very badly for someone's team. It works like clockwork every single time - if the Boks win, Meyers is a saviour and the fans want to talk to everyone who is not a Boks fan - if the Boks lose, it becomes a closed circuit (and noone wants to talk to ABs fans) and every Bok player is dissected right down to the microbe and then the blame game starts with EVERYONE (including Beeno) blaming the Bulls players and their former coach ;-)) and the start of the "bring back Schalk Burger" campaign led of course by Beeno :-))


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 12:11:48

 Hakwa, u gota admit tho,Beene hasn't been wrong yet. He was a frans louw fan and most people said he is mad and louw has been a revelation. He then said play flip against the kiwi's and everyone attacked him and flip turned up and put in a massive performance against the ab's.

he said lose the bulls game plan and we did this weekend and we played the best rugby of the year. He gets a lot of [removed] frm guys but if u sit back and understand what he is saying, he makes some good points.

boks can never play running rugby with bulls players all over the show. They are not coached that way and you can't just chop and change the way u play. It would be like nzl playing a forward dominated game plan..they won't be as effective. 


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 12:34:23


Boklogic, remember how the Stormers beat the Chiefs in the S15 Final? That's right Mr Beeno hasn't been wrong yet! It never happened! LOL!

Remember how Beeno won the bet between me and him concerning Katie Holmes after 1000hits? That's right again, it never happened! hahahahahahahaha! Katie Holmes is right here safe in my arms.

It's called Follie a deux - hang around Beeno enough and you will get it! LOLZ! 

Too funny!


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 15:20:59

Remind me what I said about the Stormers beating the chiefs in the final. I did mention once or twice that the Mighty Stormers had topped the log beating the Chiefs to the top spot? Please pay more attention to Boklogic!!

Hakwa you are blurring reality with fantasy especially when it comes to my Katie!!  Heck I thought I had got ou hakwa weened from all that!

Jokes aside guys I think we are in for a great test. Hopefully this marks the turning point in world rugby. I didnt expect it this soon but it has to be a very real possibility.

Anyhow, its to soon to stop the chest beating as its only Tuesday(groot brag) etc. Where was I!!!

Mike I agree re Carter - he is a very smart player. However that said he does get rattled when put under pressure. That does not happen to often playing for the abs and crusties but I have seen this happen. Meyer is right when he says put them under pressure- lets see how this pans out.




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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 16:51:28



I don't think anyone denies that the boks  "could" have won in Dunedin but it really seems like you guys are just waiting for a kiwi to say.... "OK I concede, the boks were the better team and they actually won that game". Well just in case you didn't already know, the springboks LOST! Yes they missed a ton of opportunities but that doesn't mean they deserved to win! Quite the opposite. They screwed up! Therefore NOT the better team. Complete lack of composure! Yes one or two people (Morne, Kirshner) screwed up, but sometimes that is how test matches are lost. The game is long gone. The only other reason for you to be harping on about this is that you are trying to comfort yourself before an imminent Bokke loss on home turf.... Keep lulling yourself by all means. haha



sasuke uchiha

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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 20:27:54


i blog on english, aussie, irish, saffa and of course my main stoimping grounds on the kiwi forums, and one thing i always find very common from every rugby nation is that when a NZer says something positive about their team, they alway say the same ol yarn, "oh look, herers someone who knows his rugby" LMAO.

heard a mirror image comment of urs on planetrugby .com forums after the 2nd All Black irish test about justin marshall.
nothing wrong with it, but its easy to cater the ego when dealing in a world of what ifs? o_O

the fact is, ive said a number of time right here that the All Blacks were lucky, cos on stats alone the Boks outplayed the Boks, but u seem to think that almost winning is the same as winning and i gurantee if the Boks mindset is anywhere near ur level, theyre gonna get creamed by the All Blacks.

despite the Boks having played more stronger and better for larger parts of the game, the pure fact of the matter is they still lost, that is the simple fact of dunedin test.
all this talk about missed kicks and good and valid and all, but i very rarely read comments about the missed tries that ABs bungled from poor execution.
what im wondering is this, if the Boks cant beat the All Blacks when they play better then them, whats going to happen if the All Blacks gain parity or even play better??? given that not only did the All Blacks win in dunedin, but they denied the Boks any points at all, making their dunedin test labour fruitless.

i personally wouldnt be surprised as to who will win this weekend, theres no All Black challenge greater then the Boks at home, but theres a reason why the All Blacks are the RWC, IRC, freedom plate and have monopolised the IRB No1 ranking for over 80% of the time, because they are a world class team everywhere they play.

now with carter back running the show and aaron smith back starting in the team, im personally very confident about this saturday, even with rolliand calling the shots, but hey each to their own and we can only wait and see comes out on top, my All Blacks who have a 100% winning record in 2012, or ur Boks who have a 50% winning record, :P


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 02, 2012, 21:03:26

Coulda Shoulda Woulda....


Lets get over it and not even mention it fellas.


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 03, 2012, 11:44:40

 @ Logic.

I heard Naas Botha being interviewed on radio this afternoon and he said he was really worried that the ABs were dominating World rugby so much that it could ruin the game. He said the Boks had great trouble in simply being able to pass and catch the ball!

So I've seen your Nisbo and raised you a Naas!

Your bet.


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 03, 2012, 11:50:12

 Moola, no one is debating Naas or proving him wrong but Nisbett proved what us bok supporters know and u kiwi's know too but will never admit...each day gone is 1 day closer to Saturday ;-) be afraid


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RE: One for the kiwi's!
October 03, 2012, 11:59:28

 Trembling in my boots Logic!

Just think the pressure the Boks will be under on Saturday!

Failed WC bid

Failed RC bid

They MUST beat the ABs to regain face but will they be able to withstand the inexorable pressure from the AB's defence in front of 90,000 plus demanding fans?

I don't think so. They'll "bottle" it just like the last game at Soweto when the pressure told in the last 20 minutes!

Anyway on another thread, I'm a happy Mooloo supporter as we just annihilated Taranaki to take the Ranfurly Shield!

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