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2485 Topic: The Boks might....

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The Boks might....
September 30, 2012, 23:29:13

have done Oz a favour. Winding back the clock to when the Boks humiliated the Ozzies under Greg Smith, Smith was fired as national coach and was replaced by Rod McQueen. Could the same fate  be staring Deans down the barrel?


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RE: The Boks might....
October 01, 2012, 01:43:26

Not if he beats the Argies at home and if the AB's beat the Boks this week then his argument would have more credability. Plus who else could come in and change a team missing 12 frontline players the Wallabies are playing their second strength team to no fault of his own.


However lose this week and he may just be gettinghis ticket home.






Cliffy Palu,



Oconnor were the reasons that SA lost 6 games against the Wallabies in a row. If they were all available this year I am sure the AB's would have not won the first game ain OZ and the Bok game would have been a lot more closer



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