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2472 Topic: SA - AB's

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SA - AB's
September 30, 2012, 01:58:09

After just watching the way the AB's have put the sword to the Argies I predict an awsome clash of Titans for next week. We now know we have no chance of winning the inaugral RC now. But we showed heaps against the Wallabies to prove that we will be more than prepared to meet the AB's head on.



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RE: SA - AB's
September 30, 2012, 03:00:35

Can't remember the Oz-AB match that's been called the greatest game ever played in the 90', but have a feeling that next weeks Bok/Ab game if both teams played like they played today will surpass that one.


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RE: SA - AB's
September 30, 2012, 03:26:28

It has all the potential of an awesome game.   However, it is likely to be a much tighter game than the one we saw today,     From what I gave seen tonight the Pumas did not play there normal tight game against the All   Blacks - but rather tried to play a running backline type of game.   This was not in their interest since in the process there were far too many handling errors handing over possession - three of the All Vlacks tries were scored as a result of handling errors or poor passing.   

There should not be any defensive lapses either and the All Black forwards will have to be forced into playing a tighter game,    In such a stiuation thee forwards must avoid penalties.   Conversion of penalties and tries must be essential.     .   


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RE: SA - AB's
September 30, 2012, 10:57:47



I think there will no doubt be a game for everyone to enjoy. I think both the Wallabies and the Argies were forced to play alternative games due to the Boks and AB's really upping the ante rather than the respective teams playing badly. The pressure from both the Boks and AB's and the systematic approach they engaged was the reason that the Wallabies and Argies were taken apart resulting in the predictable handling errors and passing lapses under the due pressure.


I actually thought through out the match the Wallabies played extremely well in areas. But for the sheer enthusiasm and brilliance of certain individiualsin the Boks. The Argies also displayed stoutness and managed to score two very good tries - one from set piece!


Sady for the Boks we should of had at the least another two tries however the AB's converted all their opportunities which is a sign they are starting to click. We need to cut down our error rates and lapses and agree we need to drag them into the rucks and mauls as their open game play will cause the Boks some major headaches


However, the difference between the Argies and the Boks is that SA will be able to sustain pressure for lot longer periods of time and will not convert to the limp gameplan the Argies reverted too for the last 15 minutes of the game where it was actually boring to watch. Unlikje the Bok game wher it was exciting for the whole 80 minutes.


SA need to take every point we get and stop leaving so many opportunities on the pitch - it is an annoying habit that this Bok squad have gotten themelves into and we need to stop it now. The AB's by sewing up the RC will not have the added pressure of having to win this week - for me it is simply for pride and the Boks definately have more to lose than the AB's. I predict the AB's to really throw it around the fast dry grounds we have and the Boks to muscle up and bash through their defensive lines to get advantages over the gainline for the Goosens and Habanas to inflict the pain.


Bring it on I say!!!

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