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2338 Topic: set piece

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set piece
September 18, 2012, 06:12:17

Did anyone notice how much our lineouts are struggling at the moment? We lost I think 4 of our own throw-ins and there were 3 not straights. We can attribute I suppose most of this to the amount of changes to our hooker and locks over the past few weeks but we have gone from being the worlds best for probably 8 years in this discipline to fairly average since the RWC.




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RE: set piece
September 18, 2012, 06:39:21


You are 100% correct here.   There are three problems here.   The first is the erratic line out throws by Strauss.  I commented about that previously - but it was ignored.   The second is the lock combination.   Etzebeth and Bekker are far better in line-out play than Kruger.  Van der Merwe was Ok on Saurday    The third one is that the support jumpers are just not in place yet.   Vermeulen is normally good at the back of the line -outs, but then the throwss must be accurate - which is problematic with Strauss around.   We are missing Bismarck badly.


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RE: set piece
September 18, 2012, 08:23:51

Wrong again Mike. I had a very good look at everything. as always I review the game at half speed so as to soak up the details. It was very clear that Juandre Kruger could not handle the ball. Unfortunately for him Strauss was not to blame, he put it right on the target but butter fingers could not take it. Then came Bekker and the improvement was very noticeable.  Support jumpers? Our movement and placement at the lineouts were not bad at all. 

This is quite funny that you now exclaim we are missing Bismarck. Strauss has delivered everything Bismarck has been failing to do for six consecutvive years! And if you want erratic lineout throws, then Bismarck is yuor man. The Bok's are a much better side for not having him and Strauss has stepped up and added value with substance.


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RE: set piece
September 18, 2012, 08:41:06

The Cat

Watching in slow motion - your brain must function even slower.   There were three askew line out throws which ended up in scrums.   Furthermore two throws were totally inaccurate - with the resut of a loss of the ball.  

Leave Bismarck out of this - your whole mindless rubbish about Du Plessis is recognized as coming from a completely blank brain cavity.  

Normal reaction when any player punted by you is criticized for absolutely clueless play.   So what else could anybody expect.


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RE: set piece
September 18, 2012, 13:56:14

its new combinations radtab but your right its basics that are not being looked after. remember its not just the hookers but the jumpers and lifters are all part of the line out structure. so they might just had a off day or did not pay attention to it enough in training.



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