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2150 Topic: There is a school

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There is a school
September 03, 2012, 13:36:30

of thought that young Goosen is the magic cure for our backline woes and that Morne is the cause of the Bok backline woes. Really?

I don't have any doubts about Goosen's talent and ability, I honestly believe if brought along the right way he could be a fine example for future flyhalves to emulate. That said, I don't believe he is going to cure our backline illls, even with his prescence it will remain a collective problem. Why...because the Boks attack consists of two approaches, (1) is shuffle ball and (2) is to die with the ball in the tackle. Neither creates any problems for modern day defences.

Let's take example (A) first, for the latest example go to the most recent test against Argentina and have a close look at how our backs play hot potato with a rugby ball. As they shuffle the ball along the backline the Argentinian defence merely slides along as well. The idea should be to draw the defending player before releasing the pass with one option being for another attacker to run off the shoulder of the ball carrier and for that player to straighten up the attack and to change the point of attack. There can never be a gap unless the opposing defender is lured into a tackle thereby taking him out of the defence. The point I'm trying to make is that shuffle ball is a collective practice by our backs and unless they learn the art of backline play then not even the best flyhalf in the world is going to help.


Let's look at example (B) and here there's the disease of dying with the ball in the tackle, sure other teams do it as well but none as bad as the Boks. SBW has shown the benefits of  slipping the pass when tackled quite often leading to huge gains as he draws two players out of the defence. Our players never look to pass, I daresay they don't even think about it and I also venture to say that they don't trust their hands because generally their passing skills are damn poor. I also think that this is why the Bok big player culture is such a factor in Bok rugby, if you're big you can barge through a brick wall or something to that effect.

I'm never going to suggest the choice of small players but what I do suggest is that the Boks employ someone like Eddie Jones to remove the cobwebs and to instill the art of backline play which he so handsomely did in the short time he was coaching our players. I don't believe there's a SAFFA around who can do it, there are plenty of pretenders but no-one with the necessary intellectual property internally or exterenally. Until that day arrives I'm sorry to say we're pissing into the wind.



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RE: There is a school
September 03, 2012, 14:03:55

Some very good points Denny. I agree 100% with you about Goosen, he is an uber talent, but no number ten, no matter how good, could perform well with the current Boks strategy. I just hope they don't place too much on young Goosen's shoulders, it could ruin him.


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RE: There is a school
September 03, 2012, 19:02:02

Agreed Denny.  It's an absence of skills and vision. No one player can fix that. 


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RE: There is a school
September 04, 2012, 01:54:11


Thanks for a good insight Denny -  I made a comment in an earlier post that I have never known or seen such a weak Bok backline ever and now we are asking a young Goosen to be in charge of directing it would in all purposes be suicide.


I think most on the forum collectively know that our backline play is very limited and lacks the bite, intelligent decision making and direction to be constantly effective in attack in its current situation. Even though JP will be back soon he alone wil not offer the desired outcome that we are looking for.  I do ask why Peter Grant hasn't been given more opportunities as he certainly sits between a Morne and a Goosen in his style of play.


HM states in his last press release that a lot of the issues revolve around 'small tweaks' and that game plans are only a romanticised dream. Every coach in the world does small tweaks its just that the more strategic coaches do them smarter, faster and to better effect than those that dont. 


But anyway I just hope we dont expect the earth off this kid to make a massive impact in the immediate future as this will be sincerely unfair on him.


He offers so much talent, promise and future prospects for changing our backline. I think with Goosen, Jordaan, JP, Lambie, Habana, Hoougard, Pienaar, Frans Steyn being the mainstay of our Bok back line then I have hope we can compete admirably even though our tactics and direction from our playing style may lcontinue to limit us?  


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RE: There is a school
September 04, 2012, 16:30:53

Denny absolutely right it exactly what mallet said - Carter would flop in this Bok backline.

Trouble is it starts in the forwards. We need good go forward ball - our props are useless in driving the ball up etc. Bissie is also missed - Go forward ball provided by the forwards is vital. A point that is seldom appreciated.

Pienaar should make a difference and Frans needs to wake up from his deep sleep. We saw in the recent WC what he can do. Hougaard will be a real theat on the wing. Lambie must start at 15. Even with the absence of an Eddie Jones caliber backline coach these changes should see the backline doing better. I expect the forwards to do better as well.


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RE: There is a school
September 04, 2012, 22:54:31

Loubschers latest rant only highlights the lack of real knowledge of backline play he goes on about many things that even we as forum members could coach FFS.


Forwards getting over the gain line - yep thats a no brainer ...doh!.....Execution of our kicks, running and chasing lines, he even said they are not worried or concerned about whether the Wallabies counter attack????????????? WTF!!!!!


One thing is for sure we will not face the aggresivness and big hitting that we got from the Argies however the speed of the game will definately step up by two clicks.

Come on!!! Is this the best we have and why does he come out with this dribble after the horse has bolted?  Sounds similiar to something else I read that the poster above me harped on about....bhwaaaaaaaa lol

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