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2096 Topic: State of the game

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State of the game
August 29, 2012, 01:06:05

Lots of uncertainty hovers over the state of our beloved Boks and our ability currently to compete and beat the best that the world offers. At this stage in time we are suffering through a bad period of injuries with upwards of 5 key players that would obviously transform the capability of our Bok team to a squad capable of footing it with the other two super powers - Schalk Burger, Bismark Du Plesis, Duanne Vermuelen, JP Pieterson, Juan Smith will all provide a massive impact, go forward, leadership and direction we are struggling with.


We have the likes of Goosen whom looks like the most likely of the up and comers to don a Green jersey in the near future. Nonetheless I have never known such panic, disdain and confusion around the BOK game plan, team selection process and what the Bok strategy is for the rest of the RC and EOYT.


What is even more confusing and laughable is the fact that the BOKs havent even lost a game yet...WTF!!!!


The most worrying fact for me is that a nation such as ours with the depth of talent and skill we have is struggling at this moment in time - Question how can the loss of so few have such a massive impact on the ability of our national squad?


The value to lose now for gain later is too much a burden for HM and SA rugby to handle. Change is something that I believe is inevitable for SA to become the best as there is no use pretending you are the best when we are strugggling to hold onto 3rd.


What makes this even worse is the fact that 2nd place is held by a team such as the Wallabies whom have been mortally wounded by the AB's but in all pretences will probaby beat us on their home ground. Now you start to get a clearer picture on the state of our national squad


Experience, leadership, composure when you need it, intelligence are all the key characteristics of these players we are missing. Where is all this so called player depth and development of skills and future focused player retention programmes that SARU go on about all the time?


The likes of Schalk, Juan, JDV, Habana may not be around for the next RWC so we need to get leaders developed now or SA will only continue to be competitive but not the consistent world beaters that we all want so badly to become.


Yes we are a proud nation and yes we wll always be at the top of the rugby tree but unless we address some serious strategic and game plan issues and look to change what is so blantantly obvious then I am afraid we will fill 3rd spot for a lot longer and maybe lose moreoften on our NH EOYT????






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RE: State of the game
August 29, 2012, 08:32:26

A very objective and positive assessment.    I believe the wave of criticism is the result of an obsolete game plan that is being forced onto the players.   That game plan allows for the forwards to go forward - but it does not actually happen.   There are indications that they do not play with enthusiasm and are lethargic as a result.

Lets get this straight - we have a major talent pool - but major obstacles in using that pool.   I believe that in such an environment players cannot play to their potential and that is a major problem.   Elsewhere something was said about the selection of Goosen - but if he is to play according to the present sterile game plan - he is also bound to flop and that would destroy his career.

We need renewal and skills development - but is that even a consideration at present?


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RE: State of the game
August 29, 2012, 09:07:47

The deep gloom expressed by so many is as a consequence of much bleating and little understanding of what is commonly called a process.

Had my warnings been heeded about this year being difficult we would not have had this sorry display of neurosis and dispair which has only served to swell the coffers of the shrinks.

Mike wails away and is followed by sharkbok, muncher et al  and the sheep are then stampeded!! Strength ebbs away and we end up  grovelling in wonder at the abs and wanting to be just like them!!!!!

The sane voice of Beeno and a few others  (are there any others - come to think of it)  by the howling and nashing of teeth drowining all reason.

What the oaks have totally forgotten is that the Boks have been written off countless times by their own immature supporters. These same immature supporters are falling into the same trap. Be assured we will rise again. The injured players will return and a string of very gifted juniours will lift the Mighty Bok to new hights. The game plan/skills will evolve etc.

It is a process so please oaks dry the weeping eyes and keep the faitth. I am just glad ou brycy and sitting bull have been scarce as this behaviour has been embarrassing for mature Bok supporters like me!  Bwahahahahahahahahaha - we beat the Oz and these same fainting Bok supporters will be ready to take the world!! Hahahahahaha


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RE: State of the game
August 29, 2012, 11:08:08

Bean Brain, Kiwis can see yr going through a bad patch and aren't gunna put the boot in. Good to see yr staying positive when so many are spiralling downward. Good for you mate.


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RE: State of the game
August 29, 2012, 12:09:27

there has been injuries that we all can agree but the mental direction and playing dynamics can be so different from us beating england to what we have now. the quality of players should have at least been on equal footing or close to beating the likes of the pumas.


even on a basic level our current super rugby teams should at least be able to compete with the likes of them.


our replacements are good enough to replace these players that we have lost due to injuries but not laying blame to the way the game was played on saterday is just shortsighted. poor tacitcs and technical knowledge is surely not the fault of the injured players is it beeno ????


the blame game is easy but being productive and making the best of the hand your dealt with is where the real test is for HM. placing your bets on a select few players is wonderland rugby. basics of rugby like securing you breakdowns and some other techical issues should at least be looked after.


the players skills development should already be done before they reach international level so this also in another area shows up the local development. players like jordaan goosen and co are the new breed of highly skilled smaller rugby players being produced. so employing tactics that dont use there strong suites is daft


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RE: State of the game
August 29, 2012, 12:46:26



One does wonder wonder why you even bother however you at least give us purists an opportunity to have some humour in amongst the gloom, despair and "gnashing of teeth"....bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are so predictable that your laughable hehe....


Nonetheless and with no doubt the Boks will return and will be strong again and in time dominate the AB's as we should be doing. But reality and fact is that it wont happen this year and may not even be next year.


Bok rugby hasn't had much to grovel about over the last few years against the AB's. The reason I bleat on about beating the Kiwis is fairly simple to work out beentwit......However because you are stupid I will tell you again: RWC Holders, IRB NO1 team again nand based on the way things are going they will be the inaugral RC winners for 2012. Their record against us and the rest of the world is better by a long way then us.......So again as I have said before, if we want to be the best we simply have to beat the best and the AB's are the only thing that stops us consistentlt from doing so.


Our strategy to beat them will never yield a long term solution and in fact our power play is now playing directly into their hands. So get off your frekin "soap box"  you monkey and accept that you are not an intelligent rugby brain but rather an "oxygen thief" of the highest level bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



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RE: State of the game
August 29, 2012, 12:54:31

@radtad hahahahaha


dont even waste you time with beeno ratad. this old fool is so intrenced in his way of thinking nothing will change it. his ideas is so out of date is just a joke. i would love to see him in coacing role.


i bet you 50 million zim dollars he wil pick blind side flanks from 1 to 15 hahahaha. what a tjop.


beeno giving cape town a bad name since the early 1800's



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