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2051 Topic: Blue print from the Wobblies

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Blue print from the Wobblies
August 26, 2012, 07:25:45

Hi guys,


Read this article on Supersport about the Wobblies loss to the AB's. Robbie "goodbye Deans" may in his words actually provided the blue print to beat the All Blacks..........I have extracted the key parts out of this article and I sincerely believe that both the Wobblies and the Boks are suffering severely in these areas?


even with errors, Deans said New Zealand were unbeatable on the night.

"They're a side that's playing with the confidence of being world champions and I don't think there's any side in the world that would have footed it with them tonight," he said.


"We got a great insight into what you've got to do to be able to foot it with the All Blacks. They're a side that's relentless, they're fit, so well conditioned.


"It doesn't matter which channel you go down, they're at you and you've got to do it for 80 (minutes). They gave every side a blueprint, if you want to go toe to toe and ultimately succeed against them that's what you've got to do."


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RE: Blue print from the Wobblies
August 26, 2012, 11:57:18

Deans is the best Arstralia could hope for and won't be going anywhere soon. NZ was divided post 2007 WC as to who would coach the ABs out of Graham Henry and Robbie Deans but Henry got the nod despite failing to win the WC in 2007. It was a very close decision and could have gone ether way.

Deans could have easily been selected, won the cup and gone on to be knighted instead of Henry. It's a fickle business. Should Deans win the next 4 games in the 4 nations series i'm sure all will be forgiven...

Your mission SA if you choose to accept it to beat the Aussies and send Robbie Deans home. Mission Impossible? Try not to self destruct....Goodnight and Good Luck......

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