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2045 Topic: Springbok - Argentina

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Springbok - Argentina
August 25, 2012, 22:02:51

Does our backline not know how to run forward instead of cross field? How fustrating.........


Nonetheless cant take away from a strong Argie first half. Our boys are looking a bit shell shocked and are getting matched and beaten on all facets thus far.


I am sure we will lift our intensity in the second half but bashing up against this lot and kicking up and unders is not quitte w orking. The Argie Defence is enormous and they look real safe under that high ball. We look bereft of ideas when our plan A is shut down hhhhhmmmmmmm 

The ferocity of the Argies at the breakdown is seriously hindering our strengths and their off loading and ability to break first tackles and find gaps is disturbingly worrying when most of our guys are fresh.


If we dont find parity and start going forward then we will fail embarrisingly. WE are not matching their physicality and making some big mistakes under some massive pressure by the Argies.


We will do well to win this game but I feel the second half will be ours as we cant play two bad halves...we are too good a team to do that!!!!




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RE: Springbok - Argentina
August 25, 2012, 23:04:53

 Compare Dagg with Mvovo with the AB wings. Too many brainless players.


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RE: Springbok - Argentina
August 25, 2012, 23:22:21

I a,m sure that Meyer must now realise he is onto a losing proposition with that team.   The backline was a disgrace and the forwards not much better.   Let me [removed]yze the players and see how they have done:-

Kirchner -  3 out of 10 - he is a dead loss under the high balls and his game was not up to standard

Habana  -  5 out of 10 - did not show any thing this week

De Villiers - 4 out of 10 - tried hard, but misseed two tackles and cause one penalty and two balls in tackle situation.

Francois Steyn - 5 out of 10 - did nothing much and would have got 2 out of 10, but for the charge down try.

Mvovo -      4 out of 10 - nothing much to creit him for.

Morne Steyn - 3 out of 10 - his kicking game has deserted him once more and aimless kicking was poor.

Hougaard - 4 out of 10 - service was poor.

Alberts -  4 out of 10 - nothing to report, but one knock-on was one too many.

Potgiter -  4 out of 10 - nothing at all to report

Coetzee - 5 out of 10 - showed poor ball skills when he knocked on a ball

Bekker -  5 out of 10  - lost one line out - for the rest he was acceptable.

Etzebeth - 5 out of 10 - worked hard and tackled well.

Beast      -   5 out of 10 - solid, nothing more

Strauss   -   4 out of 10 - poor line out throws on two occassions

Du Plessis - 5 out of 10 - solid nothing more


Van der Merwe - 1 out of 10 - first line out he was penalized and cost the Springboks 3 points

Liebenberg      -   5 out of 10 - caused turn-over

Pienaar -  5 out of 10 - faster and more effective service.

What as Meyer to do before they meet real opposition - playing like they did today would be a disaster.   Iff I was in his position - I would have to replace some players.

First to go shoiuld be Kirchner - play Lambie at 15.   I am totally dissatisfied with Morne Steyn.  His kicking game was POOR and his passing game showed nothing.   Missed two penalties - one relativewly easy and one more difficult.   He was better last week - and a disaster this week.   Aimless kicking was the norm and so inaccurate that in most cases the players did not even try to follow up.

I would not play Alberts at 8 again.   Should play Vermeulen at 8, Alberts at 7 and Coetzee - who was not as good as he was in previous tests at 6,   Flippie should be sent back to the Blue Bulls forthwith - he wasa disaster.

That backline is not showing any attacking abilities and for heavens sake replace the backline coach asap.





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RE: Springbok - Argentina
August 25, 2012, 23:23:54

Well what can I say...I said the second half would be ours and even though we matched up in this half we looked completely and utterly clueless on what gameplan to implement to match the Argies.


We knew the Argies would be strong at home but that wasn't an excuse for us to expect to turn up and win by default. We had no leadership, limited composure, a singlular mindset, but a performancce that probably highlights some very concerning issues for our team.


I thought Walsh had a reasonable game and was at least consistent though his handling and time wasting by the Argies around the  scrums was dissapointing.


Im feeling rather flat and pretty pissed about our effort - we looked really ordinary when the pressure was put on and our young forwards and their lack of experience was shown up. Also concerning is how our front row just were never in the game.....Didnt see Janie, Beast make much of a contribution and Strauss made up the numbers also.


Alberts, Coetzee and Potgeiter were solid but matched if not out punched an out passioned by there counterparts. The Argie Captain at 8 man was a massive influence in the game. Well so much for our theory of "power packs"......ppfffttttt


The constant up and unders didnt stop in the second half and you have to wonder what messages were coming from HM as the Argies were just as good and safe in the second half. Kirchner must go, JDV is not a captain of quality we know tthat justhat but he needs to get iinviolved more. Houggard looked very ordinary at half and was caught to often and didnt change his game up often.


From hero to zero in one week poor old Morne showed us that he hasn't shaken yet his lack of confidence as he showed glaringly obvious old school habits that limit his game (and ours) and his kicking for goal was, well disapointing particuarly that they werent exactely difficult for his ability.


Nonetheless, the positives is that we will go forward and learn from this game and be better for it. We also go to Australia to play against a weak Wobblies whom will be shell shocked and shattered which will at least make our chace to take some away points easier to attain.


HM welcome to test rugby and this may be a long year for us supporters if we dont learn from todays effort




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RE: Springbok - Argentina
August 26, 2012, 00:06:46

Mike I think your being pretty kind to us in your assesment. Nonetheless, this test really showed the lack of experience missing from our run on team and the limited leadership ability of JDV.


We are so missing our injured players and I have to ask if we have the biggest talent pool in world rugby "we are they"......


Did anyone notice how intense and pressured HM looked in the coaches box...if he looks that bad after 5 test then I worry for his state of health by the EOY.........................


As for changes surely Pienaar must start, with Hougarrd to wing taking Mvovo out and dropping Kirschner for Lambie?



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