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1974 Topic: What is to be expected for Lions and Kings.

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What is to be expected for Lions and Kings.
August 16, 2012, 16:42:29

Kings will not sign big names. How can they sign any sort of real talent with at very best a 1 year deal?

Kings will lose every single game in S15. It's a proven fact that new team coming into S15 are lucky to walk away with a single win in their first year. The Kings are arguably the weakest side ever to enter, with not even one notable name.


Lions will lose sponsorship, management, staff and players. This will put them even a worse position then they are currently.

Bulls, Cheetahs, Sharks and Stormers should all grow "stronger". With management, staff and players all up for grabs.


SANZA will not allow a 16th team. S15 format is locked in until 2015. They will not go changing that format just to solve this joke of a mess SARU has caused themselves. 


There will now be an extra 2 games in 2013. SARU needs to fit in a "play off" awkwadly next year, that will have no ties to Currie Cup or Vodacom Cup, but magically have some relationship to S15. 

Wonder how we decide who plays this "play off" in 2014?

What happens if the Lions fall off the wagon completely this season?

What happen if the Lions go on to lift the Currie Cup trophy again?


The only winner is SARU. Who will now do not have to fork out that R45 million to EP.

The only reason this vote went ahead in the first place.


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RE: What is to be expected for Lions and Kings.
August 16, 2012, 21:16:44


A very good summary.   They Kings may attract some players from the Lions - which no other franchises will be intrested in.   There may be financial and political pressure applied to get players to sign up for the Kings - but it is really unlikely that any of the better Lions players will be prepared to sign a one-year contract to play for a franchise that cannot even manage to get into the main CC draw.

Personally I think that the Kings will not win a single game in the Super 15 next year - and that this is an exercise in futility degrading the Super 15 competition.   

Finanacially there is also a problem - this lot will no doubt get txpayers money to fund the flop and we will in effect all suffer financially as a result.  

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