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1771 Topic: The mere 3 points winning...

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The mere 3 points winning...
July 27, 2012, 13:04:37

margin goes to show how brutally close the game was and anyone who tipped the Chiefs to win is well aware that the dice could so easily have rolled the other way. The same can be said of the next semi, anyone tipping the Stormers is well are that there'll be nothing much between the two could go either way. Both teams have gamebreakers, the Sharks perhaps a couple more than the Stormers, discipline is going to be a key factor but the biggest factor will be the one of fatique.

The Stormers have a very simple game, a game made for finals type of play, the Sharks on the other hand  are far more enterprising and will need things to come together for them to gain momentum and play the type of slick rugga we all know they're capable of.. ..the Stormers will do their damdnest to deny them that advantage. For my money the game breakers for the Sharks will be Kankow, Alberts, Marcel and Bismark...the latter will have to watch his discipline. Game breakers for the Stormers will be Aplon, De Jongh and little Joe Pieterson. The Sharks have an exciting loose trio and a great front row and perhaps hold a slight advantage over the Stormers in those areas whereas the Stormers have a huge advantage in their lock pairing. Cut it any which way there are plusses and minuses all over the park.....this is going to be a tough, uncompromising and brutal battle, this is going to be about doing the little things right, eliminating  errors, discipline and about the desire to win. Fatigue will play it's role of that there is no doubt....I'm calling advantage Stormers....on another day I would have called advantage Sharks.

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