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1707 Topic: The best and worst SA players in the play-offs

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The best and worst SA players in the play-offs
July 22, 2012, 09:54:38

 I was so pissed off at the end of the bulls vs crusaders game which left me with hardly any for the sharks, but boy was it a great game. For me the worst players were

Steyn, this guy shouldn't go near a bok jumper, hougaard was piss poor, Spies got completely destroyed, flip has no brain cells, Olivier grabbed across the field the whole game and hardly gave his team a chance. Kirchner made pointless kicks the whole game.

For the sharks almost all of the players put up their hands but there were player in particular that should be moving on soon. Bosman, who falls over his own feet with the try line in sight? The sharks should be looking for a new 9. Mcloud is probably one of their worst players.

The players that impressed me the most, sorry bulls but you all sucked. Coetzee was the best player by an country mile. Kankowski played one his best ever games, just wished he could take that form onto the park for boks. Jordaan, what a find!!! Jacque Fourie who? Ludik really stepped up the last couple of seasons. Daniels showed great leadership skills. JP was simply amazing today what a game he had. Great attacking play, fantastic defence. Bismark was pure class


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RE: The best and worst SA players in the play-offs
July 22, 2012, 11:18:02

I have to agree with you on all the players mentioned.   Insofar as the selection of a scrummie for the Sharks is concerned - I think Pienaar will come back to play for them.   I have a similar problem with Steyn - he was abysmal,   Next in the abysmal stakes were Spies, followed by Olivier. Kirchner and Hougaard.   Hougaard under pressure is not nice to see.   I still rate Hougaard - but he has a lot of work to do. 

Insofar as the Sharks are concerned I have always been an admirer of Jordaan - he has class and a massive degree of ball sense - also speed.   It is a pity that he has been troubled by a hammie since the Junior WC.   Hope he gets over that soon.   Bosman gave away a certain try by falling over his own feet - if Jordaan was still on - it was a try under the posts.   Bosman is really bad news - after a brilliant career start - he went backwards badly.  


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RE: The best and worst SA players in the play-offs
July 22, 2012, 14:18:12

Some guys are too dumb for rugby.....Flip Flop and Greyling may be examples. They do really stupid things that cost their team all the time. Greyling gave away four penalties yesterday!


Bosman with his six distinctions in Matric may be too smart.....he could immedaitely compute the importance of the try , he got ready to go low to make sure.....and in the process tripped over his own feet. I felt for the bloke, but it was a major clanger.


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